2K Announces All-Time Thunder Roster for NBA 2K18

2K Announces All-Time Thunder Roster for NBA 2K18

With NBA 2K18 set to release on September 19, details on the upcoming game are being announced ahead of the big day. New to this season’s installation is the addition of all-time rosters — a collection of the best talent in each franchise’s history on one playable team.

Due to the Thunder having a relatively short history compared to most organizations, Oklahoma City’s roster will also feature the best players from the Seattle Supersonics. With the Sonics having a history that lasted from 1967 until the franchise moved to Oklahoma in 2008, the all-time roster featured in the game is pretty impressive. (Regardless of how you feel about a shared history)

Let’s take a look.

Starters — Overall Rating

Bench (Rating)

  • Spencer Haywood (89)
  • Dennis Johnson (89)
  • Jack Sikma (89)
  • Dale Ellis (88)
  • James Harden (87)
  • Xavier McDaniel (87)
  • Lenny Wilkins (87)
  • Tom Chambers (87)
  • Detlef Schrempf (87)
  • Serge Ibaka (86)

The all-time Thunder team is certainly formidable, and will be fairly modern in its small ball starting lineup. Gary Payton gets the nod at point guard, Russell Westbrook makes his much anticipated debut at shooting guard, Ray Allen and KD add other-worldly shooting/scoring, and Shawn Kemp closes out the starting five with the ability to create a poster at any time. It’s a fun group and should be popular among gamers.

The bench is made up of mostly Sonics legends, but the Thunder is represented by both James Harden and Serge Ibaka. The core four of the 2011-12 NBA Finals roster is in place, reminding us all yet again how special that team was.

For a look at all of the all-time rosters that will be featured in NBA 2K18, visit here. You can also check out the trailer for the all-time teams below.