Alternate Thunder Jersey Shown in NBA 2K18 Leak

Alternate Thunder Jersey Shown in NBA 2K18 Leak


With the Thunder yet to reveal two new alternate jerseys for the 2017-18 season, it appears as though NBA 2K18 may have assisted in letting the cat out of the bag. In a YouTube video from user Outconsumer — narrated entirely in Spanish — a bit of the upcoming game is put on display. During this video, viewers catch a quick glimpse of what appears to be one of the new uniform options for Oklahoma City.

The brief snippet:

Another look:

Interesting enough.

Make of it what you will until the jerseys are officially unveiled, but it wouldn’t be the first time 2K has broken the news of a Thunder alternate. In 2013 the game revealed the much-maligned navy alternates — equipped with a spelling error and everything.

More to come as details emerge.