Durant: Warriors aren’t a “Super Team”

Getty Images

When the Golden State Warriors hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy on Monday night, the collective basketball world saw months of predictions coming to life. This Warriors squad — loaded to the brim with superstar talent — cruised through the regular season, steamrolled through the playoffs, and then crushed LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. When it was all said and done, the Dubs left no prisoners en route to a 16-1 postseason record and set the stage for many championships to come. Like it or not, this is the super team to end all super teams.

There’s just one issue — according to Finals MVP Kevin Durant, his team shouldn’t be considered “super” because…well… nobody wanted most of them.

Via Chris Haynes of ESPN:

“First of all, if everybody wanted Steph, he would have been the number one pick. A lot of people passed on him. A lot of people doubted Steph, saying he wasn’t going to be this good. Klay Thompson, he was just supposed to be this OK shooter in the league, like that’s what you thought of Klay Thompson when he came in. Draymond, nobody wanted him. He was a 6-5 power forward. They said he couldn’t play in the league, he couldn’t start in the NBA.

Shaun Livingston had a crazy knee injury.Nobody wanted him. Nobody thought that he would get back to being Shaun Livingston. Andre Iguodala, he got traded a couple of times. Nobody wanted him. A lot of people didn’t expect these guys to be where they are today. Super team? No, we just work extremely well together. Coach puts us in position to maximize our strengths.”

There’s a lot to unpack here, but I get it — Durant just won his first title, so of course he’s doing his part in trying to change the narrative. After all, I don’t think any of us expected him to step out and say, “You guys were right, that WAS easy!” Some of this is fairly routine.

But saying the Warriors aren’t a super team? That’s like pointing at the sky and telling me it’s green. Sure, I’m fallible and there’s a lot I don’t comprehend, but sometimes I’m capable of looking at something and knowing exactly what it is I’m staring at. The sky is blue. The Warriors are a super team. No explanation needed here.

Golden State has long seemed intent on owning their superiority, so let’s get on with it, shall we? You can’t claim the underdog story and throw super-villain themed barbecues in the backyard. Leave some story lines for the rest of us, Kevin.