Gervin on KD: ‘I think he’ll be much better than me’

George Gervin was on First Take with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and that other guy and was asked about the comparisons between him and Kevin Durant.

“I think it’s quite accurate,” he said. “I think most people compare us because of our size … He can’t do a left hand and right hand hook shots, but once he adds that to his repertoire of shots, I think he’ll be much better than me.

“I cannot shoot another jumper and it count. But I see this kid and this kid’s tremendous ability. He can flat out play the game and he loves the game. Over the summertime he’s working to get better so that’s why I say his potential is scary.”

Gervin, who played at 6-7, 185 pounds, was then asked about Durant’s strength holding him back. To which he said is overrated.

“Oh that’s overrated,” Gervin said. “They talk about getting in the weight room and all that, you get in the weight room and those muscles get all tight and that jumper won’t go in. All they got to work on is more variety of shots. You know, work on that in-between shot. Don’t just depend on that 30-footer. He’s long enough to go to the hole, to use both hands, to shoot a high percentage.

“I shot 51 percent for my career and I had 26,500 points, so it wasn’t because I just shot jumpers, it was because of my ability to get to the hole and create opportunities with both hands.”