Kevin Durant on Royce White: ‘Who is that?’

Note to everyone: Don’t taunt Kevin Durant. Not on the court, not off the court, not on Twitter. Because he will burn you.

Asked Friday what he thought about Royce White’s Twitter heckling, Durant got to the point.

“Who is that?” Durant said at shootaround, according to Darnell Mayberry the Oklahoman.

White, known for a lot of different reasons, including not playing a game during his rookie season because of issues he’s had with the Rockets over his mental health, is a prolific tweeter, and not one to hold back.

After the Thunder’s Game 5 loss to the Rockets, White tweeted that the Thunder and Durant were “looking SHAAAKYY BAAABYY.”

That was really just the start of it as White went on, and on, and on about it.

When he was asked Friday, Durant resisted the urge to make fun of White’s issues, which is good, but he did set the rookie straight.

“I haven’t seen him on the bench,” Durant said, via the Oklahoman. “I haven’t seen him on the bench. So, I mean, I’m not worried about guys that’s not even in our series. Ain’t that the guy that’s afraid to fly? Well I wish him the best, man, and if I see him next year I’ll let him know who were are.”

Durant was asked if White’s comments have served as any extra motivation.

“I don’t get fired up off stuff,” Durant said. “I get fired up just by playing this game and enjoying the game. But like I said, I wish him the best. I wish he could have played. I wish he could have really felt this intensity in a playoff game. But I guess watching on TV is better.”

Burn. Super burn.

Meanwhile, Durant is averaging 38.3 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 5.6 assists on 52 percent shooting in his last three games. All while Royce White is watching somewhere on TV.

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