Thunder will no longer show games outside

Per a release from the team:

Thunder fans will continue to have a pregame opportunity to gather in Love’s Thunder Alley outside Chesapeake Energy Arena prior to the Thunder Western Conference Finals home games, but the event will conclude when the game begins. The Thunder will no longer show the game broadcast on the video board outside the arena.

Love’s Thunder Alley, an outdoor block party along Reno Ave, will begin three hours prior to tipoff and will end when the game starts. It includes music, games, food and drink, face painting for kids, Thunder merchandise sales and the Thunder Rewards Zone, a game-day opportunity to win or buy remaining game tickets.

The Thunder encourages fans to arrive early and enjoy Love’s Thunder Alley prior to the game. “It’s a chance in a safe, family-friendly environment for our fans to embrace the Thunder experience and get ready for the game. For those with tickets, they can enter the arena when doors open. Other Thunder fans can enjoy the pregame entertainment and then go to their favorite viewing establishment to watch the game,” said Dan Mahoney, Thunder vice president of Corporate Communications and Community Relations.


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OBoyzOld Man
2012-05-23 21:27:20
Suggestion:  Sell general admission tickets for $5 to get in the arena for away games during the WCF to watch the game on the big screen inside.  The concessions will make good money.  Money from ticket sales goes to the "Keep the Beard &amp; Serge Fund."
TempBoy Brandon
2012-05-23 15:54:52
Ugh. This is so upsetting. Having thousands of fans watching the game outside added to the mystique of OKC fandom. TNT showing all those aerial shots and Sager reporting live amidst the sea of blue was incredible, and had to impress millions watching across the country. Everyone was talking about it. And because a couple of idiots, it goes away. I was hoping they would just tighten security or something... this is a bummer, man.
2012-05-23 15:54:55
2012-05-23 15:55:19
Now instead of TNT talking about how cool it was to have 5000+ ppl watching the game outside of the arena they will be talking about the shooting and why the watch party was cancelled
TempBoy Brandon
2012-05-23 15:56:36
 @bmuelle2112 Exactly. So frustrating.
2012-05-23 15:56:40
 @bmuelle2112 I would rather them talk about the 5000+ amazing fans than the stupid idiots that ruined it all.
2012-05-23 16:00:54
who is paying for all the security needed for such an event every game?  i hope the thunder organization is contributing or else OKC will be bankrupt by playoff end.
2012-05-23 16:13:51
 @bmuelle2112  The story will pass and be forgotten. 
Lost Ones
2012-05-23 16:28:21
Tony Parker says Russell Westbrook hasn't faced another point guard in these playoffs quite like him. The marquee matchup of the Western Conference finals will be the dueling All-Stars. Parker said Wednesday that his Oklahoma City counterpart is in for something different than what the Thunder saw the first two rounds. Parker said "it's not going to be like Dallas or the Lakers'' for Westbrook, adding that their point guards are "not as aggressive'' as the Spurs' leading scorer. Parker is averaging 19.1 points and a career-best 7.1 assists through eight consecutive playoff wins. Westbrook is 23, an age when Parker had already won two NBA titles. The 30-year-old Parker is in position to make the up-and-coming Thunder go through him to get a shot at a championship.  
2012-05-23 16:31:51
This really makes me upset. I don't have the money to afford tickets for my little cousins let alone myself. This was the best it got, especially because we got to vheer the team we love and have a great experience as a fanatic. Now its getting taken away from me, and my family because of two deliquents who weren't even in the area. Its not fair to me, my family, and most importantly the real Thunder fans who were out there for all the right reasons.
2012-05-23 16:41:15
What they should have done was expand the Thunder Alley viewing area and charge $10 to get in. This is the same price as a Loud City ticket during the regular season and wouldn't be an inconvenience to most people. Also, don't allow any outside alcohol. Sell beverages in designated areas (like they had been doing) and have last call at the end of the third quarter, just like inside the arena.    I understand their decision to close the event since it was a madhouse by itself, completely apart from the shooting in Bricktown. A better solution would have been to limit the amount of people and charge for it as an extension of the in-arena Thunder game experience.
2012-05-23 16:45:51
i still think the simple solution would of been to put up gates or fences in the area that was designated for the watch party and just not allow alcohol in period...however that must of been too complicated for them to think that up
Lost Ones
2012-05-23 16:47:19
So no one wants to talk about russ vs parker -___-  
2012-05-23 16:47:21
 @bmuelle2112 But again, the incident had nothing to do with the watch party, except it had more people that usual walking down the street. 
2012-05-23 16:47:58
 @Jeremy2 I read that the Thunder have permits for events on Reno between the Cox Center, so I would assume the Thunder is responsible for that.
2012-05-23 16:48:49
 @Lost Ones I'll bite..   Wtf is Parker talking about? Seems a little out of place for him. You would've figured Westbrook would have been the one popping off about what Tony should be expecting.. 
2012-05-23 16:49:24
 @Lost Ones  The two best point guards in the league will be playing on Sunday night in San Antonio!
Lost Ones
2012-05-23 16:49:44
 @blueRAP  It's a tactical move from pop they arent slick they want russ to take the matchup personally, hopefully it motivates him.
2012-05-23 16:50:44
 @Lost Ones Sounds that way. I think it'll motivate Russ, he's as level headed as he's been his whole career.
2012-05-23 16:55:11
 @blueRAP only thing is the same thing could of just happened with the normal 18000+ ppl who walk down the street after games without the watch was ppl getting an an argument that started everything...that can happen with 18000+ ppl or 25000+ ppl...what are they going to do if it happens again...shut down the thunder games?
2012-05-23 16:56:06
@Lost Ones "Russell Westbrook says Tony Parker hasn't faced another point guard in these playoffs quite like him. The marquee matchup of the Western Conference finals will be the dueling All-Stars. Westbrook said Wednesday that his San Antonio counterpart is in for something different than what the Spurs saw the first two rounds."   The problem with what Parker is saying is that it's completely reflexive here. He hasn't face a point guard quite like Westbrook in these playoffs, either.
2012-05-23 16:56:29
 @bmuelle2112  @blueRAP  It had to be done.  It was the correct move.  The people in the arena spent a lot more money and therefore are a lot less likely to be such scum bags.  Kudos to Sam Presti for making the right move again!  Does this guy ever make a mistake?
2012-05-23 16:57:16
 @sammasaaron  @Lost Ones  Do you think that Popovich put him up to this? 
2012-05-23 16:57:35
 @aise0603  @bmuelle2112  @blueRAP Um, hate to be contrary, but in my experience more money doesn't mean less scumbag.
2012-05-23 16:57:41
most ignorant statement yet. So people that watch from the outside are scum?  screw off
2012-05-23 16:57:52
Yeah . . . they'll move our games to New Orleans while we sort it out.  There's no violence there.
2012-05-23 16:58:50
Parker was right to a point...i mean russ hasn't faced any point guard in the playoffs remotely close to parker these playoffs...i mean kidd and sessions?? come on...sure westbrook as improved his defense and has had good offensive games with little turnovers in the playoffs but look who he was going up against 
2012-05-23 16:59:19
You're going to awaken the hater-bot.
2012-05-23 16:59:28
This is a HUGE disappointment. Not only the decision, but the fact that our city leaders and the Thunder organization couldn't come up with a better solution than this? The comments below are correct. The number of people who were watching the game outside was being talked about nationally, and just added to the positive image of the Thunder and our city. Now, because of a couple of idiots, we're just going to shut that down? Truly pathetic.    I ask again, how is it controlled when we have 100K people downtown for NYE? Why are we not looking at some of those same methods as a solution to keep this great gathering alive?
2012-05-23 17:01:22
Waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting for the ElMexi reply . . .
2012-05-23 17:01:27
 @ShowMeOKC i'm probably taking it way to far but isn't the whole "motto" for the team and city resiliency...well it seems to me they took the easy way out and folded the whole watch party idea instead of trying to come up with a solution to the problem...
2012-05-23 17:02:07
 @aise0603  @Lost Ones No clue. It's definitely odd, though. Frankly, I'm more interested in KD's matchup. Dallas had Marion and LA had Artest. Does SA have a wing defender with the size and strength to deny KD the ball and make him uncomfortable when he has the ball? (this is a legitimate question, not rhetorical, so please do give me your thoughts)
Lost Ones
2012-05-23 17:02:09
 @bmuelle2112 westbrook went against jason terry, he will be fine against parkers floaters.
2012-05-23 17:03:53
Wow. They are really going to over react like this. The incident didn't even happen by Thunder Alley. They just let a couple of idiot thugs ruin a great fan experience. Dumb.
2012-05-23 17:04:53
 @Lost Ones parker is better then jason terry...and is able to drive the ball much better then terry
2012-05-23 17:05:53
 @bmuelle2112 Completely agree. Letting 2 scumbags dictate how things are done is beyond weak.
2012-05-23 17:10:27
 @aise0603  @bmuelle2112  @blueRAP He just did. Mark this one up as a #fail for Presti.
2012-05-23 17:15:25
I plan on going to an OKC game eventually, when I dont know as I live in Canada. What is the earliest possible time I can enter the stadium and get to my seat (regular season or post) because I would not be able to leave OKC without some autographs. Just also wanted to say I enjoy reading everyones comments.   Go Thunder! 
2012-05-23 17:20:21
Darnell Mayberry says what if another incident happened during the west finals?What if next time it was Thunder alley related? What Then? and he also says The Sam folks saying it's a shame that they shut it down would be saying shame on them for continuing it when they knew better. Can't Fault 'em 
2012-05-23 17:24:10
 @KidCanada13 usually an hour and a half before tip off.
2012-05-23 17:24:52
when Staples Center open up back in 99 they had a big screen outside of the arena to show lakers game and they shut it down after the riot happen after they win the 2000 NBA Finals 
2012-05-23 17:25:43
 @tydude what if it happens again with the people walking out of the arena during the western conference finals games? what if it is people who had been drinking during the game inside the arena that cause the incident?? 
2012-05-23 17:26:48
 @bmuelle2112 it isnt like parker shut down chris paul, so i doubt he can shutdown westbrook.
2012-05-23 17:27:11
BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! &gt;:[  I really wanted to go!
2012-05-23 17:27:58
 @f5alcon i'm not saying parker is going to shutdown westbrook i'm just saying the players that westbrook as been facing in the playoffs so far aren't anywhere close to where parker is now...its more of a defensive thing for me not so much offense
2012-05-23 17:28:41
 @bmuelle2112 but they stop serving alcohol at the end of the 3rd quarter but i don't know if they stop serving after 3rd quarter during thunder alley 
2012-05-23 17:29:49
 @tydude ya I'm pretty it was basically BYOB so i'm guess ppl were drinking right up to the end of the game and good point
2012-05-23 17:44:41
@bmuelle2112 @f5alcon No i agree, Kidd And Terry at this point of their careers aren't comparable to Parker. This will be a hard task for Westbrook.
2012-05-23 17:46:41
 @ElMexiThunder  @bmuelle2112  @f5alcon its all about which westbrook is going to come out...the one that held parker to 1-8 shooting and 7pts in our only win against the spurs early in the year, or the one that let him go off for over 40
2012-05-23 18:28:45
I hate that one isolated event that may or may not have had anything to do with showing the game outside is ending a good thing.  The fact that there are going to be thousands of people after the game going to their cars, despite the decision, and that a shooting is just as likely then, is really irritating.  It's a coward move with no real justification.   Crime happens in big cities and it's just a fact of life.  Should they try and shut all the cities down?  pfffftttt...
2012-05-23 19:03:52
 @IlovetheWestbrookShow my thoughts exactly. the actions of the few have effected the many.
2012-05-23 21:41:24
 @OBoyzOld Man OBoyzOld Man for Mayor!
2012-05-23 22:29:08
Spurs in four!!! You guys don't even have a chance. Westbrook will be back to his old ways as Mr. Turnover. San Antonio plays team ball which will win the series.
2012-05-23 23:01:52
 @IlovetheWestbrookShow Well people always over react. I'm not saying 8 people getting shot isn't serious but that's what happens in cities.
2012-05-23 23:07:53
 @todayisbananas Yeah very true the media likes to pounce on story's and beat them to death. They don't really care in a few weeks some thing else will happen and that'll be the new "story".
2012-05-24 00:37:01
 @OBoyzOld Man  It will, or might result in the same thing. There will always be punks who would rather shoot than fight. In san Antonio there is a thing called fiesta and i can not remember a time when 8 people were shot, and fiesta brings in about a quarter million people. Second only behind. mardi gras. Maybe , if it is gonna happen again the people coming in can be scanned thru a metal detector, and searched(handbags).
2012-05-24 00:41:29
 @IlovetheWestbrookShow If it happens again, if they open it up , and someone else gets shot or killed are you willing to reimburse the families of the people hurt or killed? If not shut up. Also, were you out there? i doubt it.. If you think the people who could not afford, or could not wrangle tickets, should be the fodder that will be destroyed by stupid , infantile gunmen then go ahead and force the reopening of thunder alley.
2012-05-24 00:45:24
 @Amuro Maybe in bad cities, but not ever in San Antonio, ( at least after a Spurs win). If you are so callous to think it is okay then why don't you be there for the next occasion. I bet everything i have you would not take yourself and your family there.
2012-05-24 00:51:33
 @ShowMeOKC If you are willing to be responsible for the crap that might happen , let the city know. If you can not do that, shut up. The city is is responsible for the safety of its citizens . I do not think that 8 people being shot should be dismissed so easily. I first thought that thunder fans were classy, the fact that a HELL  of a lot of posters do not care about the safety of the poor people outside.
2012-05-24 00:55:00
 @Lost Ones if you ever compare terry and Parker i will do my best to screw with you every time i see your dumb ass on any comment section. Parker is way better at everything that that douche terry ever threw at westbrook .watch some basketball.
2012-05-24 00:57:16
 @Lost Ones I certainly will, go and watch the two games  San Antonio beat your team. Then shut the hell up. Manu did not even play, we did not have Diaw, of Jackson. Stop just acting like the Spurs are gonna jut forget how to play basketball.
2012-05-24 00:58:53
 @bmuelle2112 If you cannot protect the people you need to shut down the event, please think about the people who could be hurt if it happens again.
2012-05-24 00:59:36
 @ElMexiThunder then make more money.
2012-05-24 01:05:41
 @Lost Ones  @bmuelle2112 Ha hahahahahahahahahaha, you are kidding me, terry is NO WHERE near Parker in talent. Dude, stop smoking so much weed and blindly followin your teams bullshit.  Damn, you are a stupid piece of crap
2012-05-24 01:20:42
 @Lost Ones If your comparing  Parker to Kidd and Sessions, come on . Put the pipe away and watch a few games.
2012-05-24 01:21:49
 @sammasaaron But he played westbrook three times this season and beat him twice, all without Manu in any of those games.
2012-05-24 01:28:04
 @sammasaaron Gee,i do not know. Why don't we look back at the two times the Spurs beat your team. Or the eight  out of ten times the spurs beat your team. Or the fact that the two wins against your team , and the one win your team had, Manu did not play. get some perspective man
2012-05-24 01:35:33
 @DavidSalazar  @IlovetheWestbrookShow I was out there, and actually only a block from the shooting and was hoping they didn't shut down the watch party because I was still going to go. This wasn't a random act, it was provoked and the situation had been going on awhile before it escalated to what it did. Literally could have happened during the next Thunder game or after the playoffs were over. If you're shutting down the watch party why not shut down Thunder alley before the game? They're saying "Hey, we'll have this outdoor event before the game, but not during." What's keeping it from happening before the game? Makes no sense. 
2012-05-24 01:36:23
 @Spursforreal2012 Delusional post is delusional.
2012-05-24 02:02:07
 @DavidSalazar Yeah I go to Brick Town and down town pretty often. It would take a lot for me to think an area or even certain people are shady and I just don't think down town okc is a shady area. Except for the area where some of the half way houses are and that's only a little shady. Also it will most likely will happen again but it may not be right after a thunder game. I never said it was okay 8 people got shot I said that's what happens in cities. If that's how feel and your afraid of the city then stay in the burbs. You can't stop someone from standing around on a public space people could just as easily hang around in brick town and start trouble. 
2012-05-24 02:59:02
I think the crowd in Thunder Alley grew bigger than they ever anticipated.  The police and other emergency services weren't prepared for that 10K mass of people outside the arena on top of the 18K that they did have a handle on.  It's not good to have that many in a heightened sense of excitement in a small space without a lot of organization, (more bleachers, security dispersed through the crowd, multiple pathways inside the area)  to keep everyone safe.  I think if they had a little more time to organize a large watch party, they could do it still.  4-5 days isn't enough prep time.  Fortunately we didn't have a European/Middle Eastern soccer-style riot to prove the point.   It sucks to cancel it, but our leaders have to do what's right for public safety even if it's unpopular.  For those who are ripping on Mayor Mick, we wouldn't have the NBA here at all who stepped up and offered OKC as a temporary home for the New Orleans Hornets after Katrina hit.  We might have to be...Mavericks fans...oh the agony!  ; )
2012-05-24 07:04:53
other than LA san antonio hasn't played a formidable opponent since they lost. they're in for a rude awakening.
2012-05-24 08:44:09
 @Amuro  Pay @DavidSalazar no attention. He's nothing more than a Spurs fan punk, trying to stir things up.
2012-05-24 12:29:08
@DavidSalazar @OBoyzOld Man No it won't, because thugs won't be willing to pay anything to get into the arena.
2012-05-24 12:30:36
@tydude Dude your comparing OKC, to LA wheres theres millions of more people, and bigger crime rate.
2012-05-24 12:32:46
@DavidSalazar @IlovetheWestbrookShow Um, i lived in San Antonio, and even though its a bigger city, San Antonio's ghetto, and crime rate is alot larger compared to OKC.
2012-05-24 12:59:21
I am not really sure how related the shootings were to the play off game.... but I will say that we should be happy that there was not more violence than what took place. The city officials completely under estimated how big of a crowd there would be. I have read reports of only 100 policemen patroling the area. I am not sure that was sufficient for a crowd nearing 30,000 people. Also... I am not sure that "rules" were ever established for Thunder Alley. I was tripping over glass beer bottle on my way out of the arena, so that  lets you know that this was a come as you are, do what you want, BYOB type venue. We could totally avoided this with better planning but now the Thunder fans are being punished because of  stupid teenager's mistakes.
2012-05-24 15:23:15
This is how terrorism succeeds; One 19 YO, with a gun can stop 10,000 people from enjoying thenmselves; This incident had NOTHING to do with the Thunder; It was the OKC Public School system graduation ceremonies at the Cox Center; Now, the Mayor &amp; City Police have spoken - What a kneejerk overreaction !; Don't ask me to go to Opening Night, nor the Arts festival, nor 4th of July (because I agree the OKC Police are unqualified to do their job!; Maybe Gov Mary WAS right - If more people in Thunder Alley wore guns,in holsters, outside and visible, this would not have occurred - See/Hear how STUPID that sounds ?!?
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