‘Thunderstruck’ opens running at 17% on Rotten Tomatoes

Warner Premiere

Kevin Durant’s movie officially opens tonight in select theaters. I don’t think we’re going to be talking about an “Avengers” level blockbuster here with lines to get into the theater, but it seems that the movie has created a decent amount of buzz. At least in Oklahoma City.

So far on Rotten Tomatoes, “Thunderstruck” is running at 17% on the Tomatometer. Which means it’s better than “The Watch” and almost as good as “Total Recall.” Only six reviews are in for “Thunderstruck,” but let’s see what the critics are saying:

“Sells itself on durable messages about strong work ethic, the importance of community relations and playing to one’s individual potential.” — Sean O’Connell, Washington Post

“This ‘Freaky Friday’ with basketball keeps throwing airballs.” — Nell Minow, Beliefnet

“Bland, feebly acted comedy, concentrating more on laughs and half-realized messages of adolescent responsibility than solidifying a truly bizarre premise.” — Brian Orndorf, Blu-ray.net

“What should have otherwise been an easy layup of a film bounces off the backboard and rim, and misses its shot at being something special.” — Jim Judy, Screen It

“An innocuous boys’ wish-fulfillment fantasy…that would be more at home on a family-friendly cable channel….But boys of a certain age–and their sports-minded dads–probably won’t mind.” — Frank Swietek, One Guy’s Opinion

“‘Thunderstruck’ isn’t especially funny or exciting, and its muddled lesson is about as convincing as Marv Albert’s luxuriant russet wig. But it’s not terrible.” — Chris Hewitt, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Honestly, I think that should be the thing they plaster on all the commercials and DVD boxes and posters about the movie. “It’s not terrible.” Because we all know what this is. We all know what to expect. But the fact someone would say, “It’s not terrible” is a glowing review in my mind.

Hewitt also says this in his review though: “Mush-mouthed NBA star Kevin Durant’s performance isn’t very good in ‘Thunderstruck,’ but I bet he acts better than Anthony Hopkins sinks three-pointers.” So that’s not as glowing.

And there’s this review from 15-year-old Harrison Lott for the Oklahoma Gazette: “I wouldn’t recommend Thunderstruck to anyone, except maybe little boys ages 5 to 10. I still like KD and the Thunder the same, but the movie is boring and dumb. I don’t want to see Kevin Durant do another movie, because he’s better at basketball.”

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2012-08-24 21:46:55
 @El Prez  Yeah, I heard this movie was so bad that if it was showing on an airplane, you'd still consider walking out.  Seriously, there was a crying baby in the theater and what she was crying about was more interesting than the movie!  KD's acting was so bad, I was pining for the thespian skills of Pauly Shore.  Honestly, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has already contacted the producer about getting the rights to the movie.
El Prez
2012-08-24 21:39:43
 @FF_pickups I was surprised Kobe wasn't given some sort of cameo role in Tiger's Wood.
2012-08-24 21:41:40
 @El Prez  @FF_pickups Hey El Prez, go back and answer my Gainesville question in the Luxury Tax thread.
2012-08-24 21:23:58
 @MisterJohnsonOKC say it ain't so!
2012-08-24 21:25:15
At least KD isn't dressed up as a hip hop genie!  The rumor was that the other titles were Blunderstruck and ThunderStunk...I think they chose the best one.  It's odd that Kobe never got his own movie...after the performance he gave in that Colorado courtroom, he's obviously a very gifted actor. 
2012-08-24 13:39:28
2012-08-24 13:41:12
if durant want's to be in a movie go to Hollywood
2012-08-24 13:45:14
lmao 17% - can anybody honestly say that they weren't expecting this? 
2012-08-24 13:46:48
If you expected cinematic genius out of this then you're kidding yourself. With that being said, I'm still totally taking my sons to see it. We're Thunder and Kevin Durant fans, that's reason enough to enjoyably see it.
2012-08-24 13:48:49
 @Crow  Would anyone complain about 63-19?
2012-08-24 13:55:42
 @ThunderChick2010  @Crow really easy schedule after mid-March to finish  the season. could rest guys, maybe.
2012-08-24 13:57:55
Will Serge's practice at being unhappy and acting out with regard to the Olympics, lead to another round of it with the Thunder, despite the huge payday?
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 13:58:32
I actually think the RT score will go up. Reason I think so is that the one single positive review is from the one single "Top Critic" that has submitted a review. So if the one respected critic gave it a favorable review, others should fall in line. More respected reviewers will be more forgiving of a kids movie. Plus, because I'm a huge movie nerd/Thunder fan, I actually read every full length review, and none of them really completely dog it. The negative reviews still have positive things to say, so it's not on a "Kazaam" type level here. And with such a small sample size, one more positive review will take the score up to 25% all of a sudden, and so on. And almost every single review so far has mentioned something along the lines of "Kevin Durant isn't a great actor, but he's a likable presence". The feeling I get from most reviews is what I had hoped-- no, KD isn't Al Pacino, but he does a decent job for an athlete and he is likable. Listen, bottomline, this is a surprisingly funny kids movie. It's not Shakespeare, but it's cute. And it really is a huge love letter to OKC, the Thunder and Kevin Durant. A must see for any Thunder fan. You'll smile throughout. And the kids will love it. I was actually planning on writing a full length review on my blog last night and was gonna ask Royce if he would put it in the Bolts, but I was too tired to write my review after the wild after party with ThunderChick, Jax and Mrs. Jax. I just hope for Jax's sake that the shirtless pic I took of him in a gold chain and a cowboy hat surrounded by a bunch of hotties doesn't surface online anywhere. I saw ThunderChick messing with my phone when I was getting my 14th shot from the yacht's open bar.
2012-08-24 13:58:36
I heard "A Few Good Men 2" was his next venture.  He's a young up and coming attorney who gets hot shot Marine Jack Nicholson on the stand and must work his verbal magic and get Jack Nicholson to incriminate himself to get the two young marines off the hook. 
2012-08-24 13:59:23
If that doesn't work he's going to porn
2012-08-24 14:05:27
 @Crow Yeah, he's had that type of personality before, but I don't like how big headed him seemed with the minutes thing.  I just hope when PJ3 comes to fruition and starts taking minutes at the 4 and 5 that Ibaka wont go on a head-trip (rant) about his minutes, than I'd really like to reconsider what we would get for him
2012-08-24 14:06:39
 @TempBoy Brandon  Ugh . . . you TOLD us what happens at the midnight-showing-after-party STAYS at the midnight-showing-after-party! 
2012-08-24 14:09:26
 @Crow  Haha . . . for a change, movies are "on topic" and Crow talking basketball is "off topic."  Go figure.   :)   Back to work . . .
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 14:14:37
 @ThunderChick2010 Oh my bad, but I don't remember a dang thing that I said last night-- nor anything at all, for that matter!
Fuzzy Logic
2012-08-24 14:22:14
Still better than Shaq (Steel 12% on RT, Kazaam 4% on RT) not on par with Jordan (Space Jam 35% on RT).
2012-08-24 14:26:20
Movie critics and reviewers must love sports movies because all of the horrific punning they can use in their reviews. "With a plot as unkempt as James Harden's beard and a moral as thin and flimsy as Durant's arms, Thunderstruck steps up for what should be a simple free throw but bonks them Kendrick Perkins-style"
2012-08-24 14:28:29
Also it currently has a 7.0 user review score on IMDB. Push that number higher, DT.
2012-08-24 14:32:17
 @ThunderChick2010  @Crow How could you complain about a 60+ win season?
2012-08-24 14:33:21
 @Fuzzy Logic space jam deserves a similar rating to the dark knight
OBoyzOld Man
2012-08-24 14:42:57
Any word/rumors on what KD got paid for his movie debut?  Just want to make sure our man can afford to keep Ms. Wanda in jewelry.
OBoyzOld Man
2012-08-24 14:47:46
And if any of you DTers hear that KD's debut rap album is going to involve the production talents of OBoy, please let his old man know.  Trust me, I'll be the last one to hear.  More likely I'll be enjoying my view from Loud City (where God's folks sit) and see OBoy sitting between Wanda and Tony.  I tell ya', I get no respect....
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 14:48:52
 @ThunderChick2010 Really though, it was nice to meet you, Jax and ThunderChick. Hilarious that we met before we met, Jax.
2012-08-24 14:57:04
 @OBoyzOld Man if Tony's there you won't find me there
2012-08-24 15:01:20
bill simmons said some interesting stuff about Dwight yesterday on his podcast. He said that he's heard that a lot of NBA players were very unimpressed with his work ethic and attitude after the 08 Olympics, and said that he knows for a fact that the Celtics always felt they could get under Dwights skin in a 7 game series (especially KG)    i wish KG would have retired and shared some of that info with Perk before the season
2012-08-24 15:02:00
I wouldn't recommend having publicly held opinions at age 15. You are definitely going to regret them.
2012-08-24 15:02:07
It's Friday afternoon, so I'm going to note that the top 25 Uniform Rankings are in: http://espn.go.com/espn/playbook/story/_/id/8295892/uni-watch-power-rankings-rates-nfl-mlb-nba-nhl-uniforms-1-122   I just want to give a shout to the Warriors, who, IMO, have the best uniforms in all of basketball. (I agree that the Lakers and Celtics uniforms are classics. But it's because of those teams' long history of champions and success and not because of any inherent quality in their otherwise ugly uniforms.) Also, being ranked #20 in a an all-sport uniform contest is likely to be the high point of the GSW season.
2012-08-24 15:05:51
 @divisadero warriors uniforms are great but the court counts too in the equation and their home court is weird. In the regular season it looks cool at times but I can't imagine an NBA finals game being played on that court. Spurs are my favorite unis besides the Celtics
2012-08-24 15:07:09
 @EddieJones go sit in the corner little kid!
2012-08-24 15:09:40
 @OBoymuzik So you're probably a big Boise State fan, no?
2012-08-24 15:11:02
 @OBoymuzik Also, sadly, I can't imagine an NBA finals game being played at Golden State either.
2012-08-24 15:11:34
 @divisadero lol i am not, but if Boise state made it to the national championship game it wouldn't be played on their field .
2012-08-24 15:16:40
 @OBoymuzik KG may well have done so when Perk was still there. :)
2012-08-24 15:16:41
Byron Mullens is ranked 317 in the ESPN NBA rank, was ranked 462 last year.   He is ranked in front of Hollis Thompson, Hasheem Thabeet, Daniel Orton, Lazar Hayward and Cole
2012-08-24 15:17:51
 @OBoymuzik People who get playing time, even on bad teams, inevitably rank higher just because the voters have a chance to form an actual opinion.
2012-08-24 15:18:15
Shaq gets  beat on a lot but I thought he was good in Blue Chips.
2012-08-24 15:19:53
 @ou_sas this is true, cole may be ranked ahead of him if he got the same minutes, but probably not the rest
2012-08-24 15:21:47
 @ou_sas we can hope, just like i hoped Nazr had some secrets about the Spurs in the WCF, we won but i'm pretty sure Nazr had nothing to do with it.
2012-08-24 15:21:54
 @OBoymuzik Especially "the dream." I think everyone's formed an substantial opinion about him by now.
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2012-08-24 15:23:42
 @TempBoy Brandon  We wouldn't have, if those meddling women didn't get in the way!   I'm really not sure how to proceed from here. Our internet selves are friends, our real life selves share a real life friend, and now your internet self knows incriminating info on my real life self - internet and real life are bleeding all over one another! Unprecedented, I'm sure. The space/time continuum has it's eye brow raised in a "come at me, bro" kind of way, and I'm nervous.
2012-08-24 15:25:10
One report is saying that the Pistons are interested in Eric Maynor, don't think they have anything we would want unless they're going to give us a draft pick. 
2012-08-24 15:25:33
 @TempBoy Brandon  @ThunderChick2010 Can you confirm, Temboy, that Jax actually looks like his pic? (link = http://www.nba.com/thunder/media/young_story_100809.jpg )
2012-08-24 15:27:55
2012-08-24 15:38:57
 @OBoymuzik A  flier on Austin Daye is all I can think of.
2012-08-24 15:39:18
 @OBoymuzik I'd do a greg monroe for eric maynor swap...
2012-08-24 15:40:57
I used to laugh at the people who got stuck on a thread by themselves, without knowing a new one is up... then I became one of them.
2012-08-24 15:42:50
Ray Allen still has the best acting performance by a professional basketball player IMO.  Kareem was good in Airplane.  
Lost Ones
2012-08-24 15:49:47
 @justin_mia easily 
2012-08-24 15:53:08
 @OBoymuzik Nazr: So, guys, Manu's got this one move, it's called the Eurostep, it's totally wicked! The team: -.- Nazr: And Tony slept with half the team's wives. You can definitely taunt him on that! The team: ... -.- Nazr: As for Big Tim, he's just a clean, all around guy. It's gonna be tough to get in his head. The team: -.-* Nazr: Most of the rest of the team's changed since I played there... but Pop loves those weird rotations! The team: I think we got it. Thanks. -.-***
2012-08-24 16:02:22
 @justin_mia Now it's hard not to think about KD in place of Ray Ray in the scene with the two well-endowed co-eds bouncing on top of him while Rick Fox is hanging out. KD NEEDS TO BE IN A SPIKE LEE JOINT.
2012-08-24 16:05:42
 @EatSleepThunder I go to old threads sometimes just to get some me time
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 16:09:31
 @Jax Raging Bile Duct Haha! It really is confusing and scary. I'm not even sure which version of me is typing this right now. Like, right now, I'm my real life self, but once I press "enter" I turn into my internet self. Okay, I think this should be our plan from here on out: I have two pills. A blue one and a red one. You must choose. If you choose the blue one, my internet self will hang out with your real life self, and the two of us will destroy our other versions. If you choose the red one, then those meddling women must throw another pool party and invite both versions, our real life selves and our internet selves. I'd love to become a third me just to sit back and watch the awkwardness of our four versions hanging out beside the pool.
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 16:11:42
 @ou_sas  @ThunderChick2010 That's exactly what he looks like. The weirdest part was when he met, I said, "I'm TempBoy Brandon, but you can just call me Brandon", and he said, "I'm Jax Raging Bile Duct, but you can just call me Royce."
2012-08-24 16:19:55
 @ou_sas  @TempBoy Brandon The guy I met was quite obviously someone Royce hired to perpetuate the notion that Jax is a "real" person rather than an alter ego.  I wasn't sure whether to expect a curmudgeonly type or Brad Pitt.  Props to Royce for finding someone on short notice who was closer to the Brad end of the spectrum.  And even at 2am, the dude came across as one cool cat.  (Or maybe that was just an effect of sleep deprivation?) 
2012-08-24 16:23:56
 @TempBoy Brandon  @ou_sas  Did you EVER dig up my last movie reply?
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2012-08-24 16:23:58
 @TempBoy Brandon I'm leaning towards the red pill, but the prevailing yet unconfirmed theory is that real life 'jax' and internet jax can't cohabitate without breaking the paradox in two, resulting in resetting the debt record by death to big city buildings.   Or said in another way, my real life friends would laugh their ass off at me if I acted in real life like I act online, and mrs jax would most likely disavow all knowledge of me.
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 16:30:11
 @elginthunder And as Thunder/KD fans, you'll love it. Truth bomb.
2012-08-24 16:31:56
Guys, yesterday I finished reading Henry James' "The American" and then ended up watching the George Clooney movie "The American" later in the day. I think it meant something, but I don't know what.
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2012-08-24 16:32:40
 @ThunderChick2010 I am the curmudgeonly type! But you are right about the handsome part ;)   I'm only cool when you filter me through sleep deprivation and single serving segments of 5 minutes or less. And I had to act cool anyway, seeing as how I was meeting the social queen of DT. 
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2012-08-24 16:33:37
 @duhsweetness Jack Handy's blog is the next door down. No worries though, we get that traffic all the time.
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 16:34:25
 @Jax Raging Bile Duct I was hoping you'd say the red pill. There's too much potential awesome not to choose that one. But it's funny that you say that about your real life friends. Cause when we left, I was talking to our mutual real life friend, and she was really surprised that you were a frequent online poster on a sports site. She says she thinks of you as an artsy type and was impressed that you were such a big Thunder fan, cause she's one herself. So it was funny to her, but funny in a good way.
2012-08-24 16:34:31
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 16:35:14
 @duhsweetness My gosh, that was a horribly boring movie.
2012-08-24 16:38:04
 @TempBoy Brandon Pffft, nah. Clooney, Italian scenery, and beautiful women are more than enough to make a movie interesting.
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2012-08-24 16:42:46
 @TempBoy Brandon She may still remember me in my catholic jesus hair stage, which many interpret as artistic, though in actuality I have no artistic anything. Now that I shaved the locks off, I just look like some dude.   But I earn my fair share of eye-rolls from mrs jax, in which case I always remind her that "Hey now... I'm cool on the internet, so watch it chica!"   Red pill it is. Next pool party - be there!
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2012-08-24 16:45:18
 @duhsweetness  The judges are telling me they would have accepted "Clooney's acting, Italian scenery, and beautiful women" or "Italian scenery, and beautiful women" as acceptable answers. I'm sorry, but we're scoring that as a wrong answer.
2012-08-24 16:46:55
 @Jax Raging Bile Duct "Clooney" and "Clooney's acting" are synonymous. Obviously  
2012-08-24 17:07:07
Is it better than like mike is the question, space jam had one of the best soundtracks of all time, so I don't think it can compete there. I am going tonight.
2012-08-24 17:08:04
so yesterday this tweet was posted    " Perry_Jones1 Driving by this kid shooting outside named Ty, I wanted to shoot but He didn't believe I was me.. That's crazy"   this has happened since   "ReyTexas19 Perry_Jones1Hey this is Rey you just came by my friend Ty's house you needTo come shoot with us!!!!!!!!"   " Perry_Jones1  @reytexas19 sometime soon"
2012-08-24 17:22:20
I don't know if this Nick Collison photo will show up, but I hope to GOD that it does:   http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=406401049420979&amp;set=a.344284892299262.80981.322942571100161&amp;type=1&amp;theater
2012-08-24 17:27:58
 @BrockSuede That might have to be my new background.
TempBoy Brandon
2012-08-24 17:37:23
 @Jax Raging Bile Duct Ha! Yeah, that's funny. I see long Jesus hair, I think either artsy hipster or Lebowskiesque slacker. I'm guessing you were the latter, then?   Haha, yeah, internet bragging to your wife... sure way to gain her admiration and respect. I can't wait to ask her about it at the next pool party!
2012-08-24 17:56:55
 @OBoymuzik Greg Monroe should get it done. /dream
2012-08-24 18:05:21
 @f5alcon Space Jam also had Bill Murray and the Looney Tunes cast. Better than whoever the weird kid is they casted in this.
2012-08-24 18:08:34
 @divisadero Yankees at #9 and the Cowboys don't make the top 25? Wow. You figure the two most iconic teams in American sports would fare a little better.
2012-08-24 18:09:02
 @EddieJones Especially if they are badly written.
2012-08-24 18:13:36
 @HookemKD  I actually think they got the top four of the NFL right (aside from GB should be 1 and Chicago 2). I understand the Philly pick at 5, but I prefer their old colour palette and would move them down a spot or two for it.
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 18:18:35
 @justin_mia Did you see Ray in that Harvard movie Harvard Man, he was f'ing awful. 
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 18:19:05
 @justin_mia He played himself. 
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 18:19:21
 @justin_mia Ya know, more or less.
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 18:23:33
Wait, so you're telling me this movie won't be line consideration for an academy award? This is shocking news.    I would imagine most of these review folk couldn't take this movie seriously even it was trying to take itself seriously. Move along, nothing to see here. 
2012-08-24 18:25:16
Bottom line: Still going to see it tomorrow.
2012-08-24 18:25:36
 @divisadero My Royals at #25.   It's a good day to be a Kansas City fan! WhooOooOooo!
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 18:27:11
 @okcjim Who will his female co-stars be? 
2012-08-24 18:27:13
 @duhsweetness Do it. And let the English see you do it.
2012-08-24 18:28:07
Might top Glitter:)
2012-08-24 18:28:44
Seeing KD in it is enough for me
2012-08-24 18:34:12
Top 3 NBA/Actors 1. Ray Allen 2. MJ 3. KD
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 18:37:20
 @OkcBaby Ray Allen is overrated. He just had good direction in "He Got Game." Go watch that "Harvard Man" movie. He's terrible. 
2012-08-24 18:39:37
Bet Lebron gets into acting 2.  Wanna be like KD
2012-08-24 18:45:28
I wish this was a longer video.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORj4M0OigaQ&amp;feature=g-u-u
2012-08-24 18:45:46
 @OkcBaby What about my man Alex English, and Dr. J?  Kareem was better than MJ. He fought Bruce Lee!  You're showing your age with those rankings.
2012-08-24 18:46:18
 @Old Man Game Well in my opinion that was one of the top basketball movie along with love and basketball, coach carter, white man cant jump, above the rim
2012-08-24 18:46:22
 @OkcBaby And Wilt in Conan!  
2012-08-24 18:47:56
 @justin_mia MJ says more then 5 words
2012-08-24 18:48:00
15 year-olds are in the midst of that horrible stage where they have everything that rocks.   I hate 15 year-olds.
2012-08-24 18:50:15
http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/dailyweekly/2012/08/now_is_your_chance_to_buy_form.php   Collison estate sale
2012-08-24 18:53:16
 @novelisticbee0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&amp;feature=endscreen&amp;v=IfDxboR_18E found this in related videos: Russ's world-class passing!
2012-08-24 18:56:01
That is legitimately better than I expected. I am now pumped to see this movie.
2012-08-24 18:57:06
 @novelisticbee0 I was dying at Russ (1:36)
2012-08-24 19:01:16
Love after Russ's dunk on Sacramento when KD turns to Tyreke Evens and yells trash at him.   GOD, I LOVE THUNDER! What do we do until October?!
2012-08-24 19:03:06
My girlfriend is playing doodle jump waiting for thunder stuck to start. That's messed up
2012-08-24 19:04:21
 @novelisticbee0 Iggy, this is why you have no friends
2012-08-24 19:08:22
 @cleandoe Love &amp; Westbrook SMH. Lol Iggy's bit was hilarious.   Iced-up Russ boxing was funny, and when he was talking about Durant's bald head.
2012-08-24 19:09:38
 @novelisticbee0 Yeah, could watch like 10 solid minutes of this.
2012-08-24 19:15:38
 @D@nny I won't go into how many times I've watched that mix..   That behind the back pass to KD is one of my favorites. Is anyone still counting down until training camp/the season starts?
2012-08-24 19:28:42
 @f5alcon Ironically--and I'm surprised this didn't occur to you or anyone else--your girlfriend's words are reminiscent of  a recent Kevin Durant commercial!   
2012-08-24 19:29:36
 @f5alcon Ironically--and I'm surprised this didn't occur to you or anyone else--this post is highly reminiscent of a recent Kevin Durant commercial!
2012-08-24 19:33:59
 @todayisbananas  @f5alcon you dont get nearly enough likes bananas
2012-08-24 19:34:26
 @todayisbananas  @f5alcon literally laughed out loud
2012-08-24 19:36:08
 @todayisbananas  @f5alcon is there a way to go back and see what posts we like? One day I want to go back and see all of bananas gems
Thunder S
2012-08-24 19:37:28
 @justin_mia  @OkcBaby are we forgetting Kareem in Airplane?? Classic!
Thunder S
2012-08-24 19:37:50
 @justin_mia  @OkcBaby Kareem in Airplane!
Thunder S
2012-08-24 19:38:10
Asked on the last thread but will ask again...where can i watch g5 WCF spurs thunder?
2012-08-24 19:39:31
DailyThunder summit game, 10/19 (Wednesday before Thanksgiving) at 6:30PM versus the Clippers. 30 seats, summit box 1 which is in between 305 and 306. Ticket comes with a meal, drinks, and post game an on court group photo postgame. Tickets are $70 in this box. Get at me, www.facebook.com/dennis.berry12 or 580.647.34one7 to get put down. I have 30 seats. I can even get us a message shown on the jumboscreen at half time!   Thursday April 4 is a game I will have the Summit Box suite also
2012-08-24 19:55:11
 @D@nny  @novelisticbee0 Great vid, but did I miss the "There are no words..." dunk?
2012-08-24 19:58:14
 @KellOne  Nope, it's not in that mix. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ87Y7qGhpQ
2012-08-24 20:02:55
 @KellOne  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ87Y7qGhpQ
2012-08-24 20:04:39
 @novelisticbee0 Awesome.  My day is now complete.  How can Dwight call himself Superman?  He never flew like that
2012-08-24 20:07:14
 @novelisticbee0  @KellOne i seriously love that dunk, russ just zooms in from nowhere too, and the PUUUU! after the dunk. priceless 
2012-08-24 20:10:20
 @Legendary_Dork  It's the way he pauses in the air, THEN throws it down, plus the yell. Love it.
2012-08-24 20:11:58
 @f5alcon I was actually just playing doodle jump a minute ago...
2012-08-24 20:12:05
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ck1U79mP0I  I just need season to start
2012-08-24 20:13:15
 @persiansooner13  @todayisbananas  @f5alcon Click on the avatar, then on "Full profie."
2012-08-24 20:16:05
 @ThunderChick2010  @persiansooner13  @todayisbananas  @f5alcon Or.... click on this: http://www.livefyre.com/profile/4058811/ I vote mine as being easier. 1 less click.
2012-08-24 20:16:36
 @novelisticbee0 How can you not love Westbrook there?
2012-08-24 20:19:48
 @Thunder S Sorry can't find it, this is the closest they have to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeTKKeONE5M&amp;feature=relmfu
2012-08-24 20:31:48
 @EatSleepThunder  @persiansooner13  @todayisbananas  @f5alcon You threw him a fish; I taught him to fish.  :)
Allen Iverson
2012-08-24 20:35:00
Any chance they do The Association on the Thunder this year?
2012-08-24 20:35:46
Best KD dunk? my favorite is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCJwoEHRU_A
2012-08-24 20:45:30
Love KD but dayum that movie sucked.
2012-08-24 20:48:12
@Dailythunder "The Line for the 9:30 Thunderstruck http://instagram.com/p/Ou6CGlI92w/ "
2012-08-24 20:50:00
T-1 day until Tronchaser returns.
2012-08-24 20:50:08
I hope they make thunderstruck 2. This time, with Russ as the star.
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 20:54:12
 @Allen Iverson They tried that once and Presti turned them down. Probably the same this year. I mean they don't want the camera to catch a glimpse of Brooks' lineup picking dartboard. 
2012-08-24 21:04:05
 @novelisticbee0  @KellOne pause that video at 21 seconds.  best facial reactions all the way around.
2012-08-24 21:48:56
I heard this movie was so bad that when asked about it, Tim Tebow said "It was sh!tty!"
2012-08-24 21:55:38
I may have misspoken earlier. The Nov 21 game, Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving against the Clippers, is going to be in the Summit Box 2 which has 30 seats and they are $70, still going to be with the meal, drinks, t shirt, and post game photo op too. I want to make this the DailyThunder game, I can get her to put a marquee on the jumbotron, then maybe we can get Royce or Darnell to swing through. Possibilities are endless. If you want in, let me know. As of now, I have 29 tickets available.
El Prez
2012-08-24 21:55:52
Just ask it again on here--that's too much work. What was the question? It better damn well rain tomorrow so as I can watch Young Adult and Carnage. These weather guys make me nervous at times.
2012-08-24 21:57:08
@DennisBerry I'm in for 2. The 22nd is my birthday so it will be my present to me.
2012-08-24 21:59:15
Nazi is better than Perry by 5 spots in NBArank. Obviously, Presti is an idiot for letting him walk     /s
2012-08-24 21:59:23
 @El Prez Lake Kiowa . . . What day in November? Just curious.
El Prez
2012-08-24 21:59:38
FF-be gentle in your critque. There's no way I'll pay regular theatre prices to see an exploitation film like this one, but when it comes out in DVD...I'll rent it. Like the airplane line...sounds like something Rodney Dangerfield would have said.
2012-08-24 22:01:55
 @Jameswade99  @DennisBerry Ok. My phone number everyone is 580.647.341seven. I might be in OKC tomorrow which would be a great time for me to meetup and collect $. Hit me on that, of dennis.berry12 on facebook, or bigdawgdl@sbcglobal.net to make arrangements or for more info. I can show you the reservation invoice too so people don't think I'm going to rip you off. I just tweeted Royce and asked him to come
2012-08-24 22:04:32
 @Jameswade99  @DennisBerry So you think we should make it this game instead of the Spurs April 9 which I also have reserved for? I have a Dallas Feb 4 date too but already sold those out, in like 2 days.
2012-08-24 22:05:45
 @ILikePancakes Big breasts get you everywhere in life.
2012-08-24 22:06:27
 @Jameswade99  @DennisBerry So you think we should make it this game instead of the Spurs April 4 which I also have reserved for and havent started selling/collecting on? I have a Dallas Feb 4 date too but already sold those out, in like 2 days.
El Prez
2012-08-24 22:06:41
 @ThunderChick2010 November 21st, 1982. We got married on a dock which backed up to the lake itself. Perfect Indian summer day in Gainesville. 78 degrees, no clouds, not a trace of wind. Get this--we then all went to the McGeehee's Catfish place and had the reception and party there. At heart--I'm a cold beer and catfish type of guy. Then flew off for the infamous honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta.
2012-08-24 22:09:30
 @El Prez Cool . . . I'm the same month, so I was just making sure we're NOT married! 
2012-08-24 22:12:22
 @supreme35  @MisterJohnsonOKC (It ain't so.)
2012-08-24 22:13:26
 @El Prez Could've had some real fun with ElMexi on that one . . .   :)
2012-08-24 22:19:17
So I guess thunderstruck is the same way that jason terry got his skills.
2012-08-24 22:20:54
Hey KD, the Screen Actors Guild called and revoked your card.
2012-08-24 22:23:28
Is it true Westbrook didn't dunk until senior yr of high school?
2012-08-24 22:23:39
Seriously, it was so bad that Al Qaeda is claiming responsibility for the screen play.
2012-08-24 22:24:36
 @DennisBerry  I think he didn't do a 360 windmill until high school but I could be mistaken. :-)
2012-08-24 22:26:04
 @FF_pickups turns out I was right, found it. He was skinny and smallish in high school though   "My first dunk was in high school - my senior year. We were playing against a rival school of ours, packed house, you know. I got a steal and didn't think I was going to make it actually. I just went up and jumped as high as I could. I was REALLY excited - I knew it would give our team momentum and get us going. The most important thing was that we won the game."
2012-08-24 22:26:12
 @DennisBerry yes, he grew 6 inches that year, so before that he wasn't 6 feet tall
2012-08-24 22:27:00
 @FF_pickups lol, it wasn't that bad, he was himself, and that was believable, he is an awkward kid.  
2012-08-24 22:27:39
 @f5alcon  I heard it was so bad it should come with a warning from the surgeon general.
2012-08-24 22:28:49
 @FF_pickups  @f5alcon This also applies to fans of opposing teams watching games where he plays.
2012-08-24 22:30:33
 @ou_sas  @f5alcon  This movie is so bad it violates 4 statutes of the geneva torture rules.
2012-08-24 22:32:15
 @FF_pickups  @ou_sas  @f5alcon Ok, you are creative. Bonus points
2012-08-24 22:34:25
 @ILikePancakes  @ou_sas  @f5alcon  If this one is too soon, I'll delete it:   That movie was so bad, people could be heard calling for Colorado gunman James Holmes.
2012-08-24 22:35:29
@DennisBerry @ILikePancakes This really made me laugh because we were taking wagers at work today on what bra cup size one of our scrub lineman wore
2012-08-24 22:38:08
 @FF_pickups  @ILikePancakes  @f5alcon Yeah, that's too soon :(
El Prez
2012-08-24 22:38:23
Just so you know...I loved Marlin Perkins on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. What if I told you I was your husband and this whole El Prez caper was just a way for us to spend more time together. Maybe when this all over we can adopt ElMexi. I always wanted a second son.
2012-08-24 22:39:54
@ou_sas  I'll save that one for a few years down the road! 
El Prez
2012-08-24 22:42:49
When the fuck did you become Dave Letterman?    
2012-08-24 22:49:03
 @FF_pickups Probably a good call.   Question 1) How many Razzies do you expect it to actually win.   Question 2) Gigli?
2012-08-24 22:50:28
 @FF_pickups  @ou_sas  @f5alcon http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8tqkklTDI1qjo50co1_500.gif
2012-08-24 22:54:51
 @FF_pickups  @f5alcon http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9ak4mJTOB1qz8x4e.gif
2012-08-24 22:56:26
Maybe it's just me, I actually liked the movie....Damn DT is a real tough crowd
El Prez
2012-08-24 23:01:27
He's tuned into Dave Letterman with an attitude...WTF.Nobody said going in KD was going to be like Liam Neesom in Shindler's List.
Old Man Game
2012-08-24 23:05:21
I can't decide if some of you guys are KD's best fans for going to see a movie clearly geared to 5-10 year old kids just because KD was in it, or his worst fans for talking about how much a movie sucked, in spite of KD being in it, that was clearly geared to 5-10 year old kids. 
2012-08-24 23:06:05
 @El Prez I'd say, "God help us all."  I can only imagine that your wife is an extremely patient and understanding soul.  :)  But I'd adopt ElMexi . . .
2012-08-24 23:12:31
 @DennisBerry  @ILikePancakes  That might be the funniest thing you've ever said.
2012-08-24 23:13:14
haven't seen the movie yet, don't really care if its good or bad...but everyting @FF_pickups said was hillarious
2012-08-24 23:14:02
 @ThunderChick2010  @ILikePancakes http://youtu.be/8DYje57V_BY
2012-08-24 23:14:49
Guys leave KD alone!
2012-08-24 23:16:39
 @FF_pickups  @f5alcon you heard? wait did you watch or not? lol
2012-08-24 23:17:46
http://nba247365.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/tolliver.jpg What NBA players do and think about in the offseason... besides bitches
El Prez
2012-08-24 23:21:51
I wonder if ElMexi looked like Jonah in Sleepless in Seattle when he was a kid? That would certainly be serendipitous---wouldn't it? I'm worn out. Good night, honey.
2012-08-24 23:24:32
 @El Prez (See, I'm ignoring you.  Just like we ARE married.)
2012-08-24 23:33:55
Was anyone really expecting some great coming of age movie? I mean seriously, the premise is basically Space Jam but with no Looney Toons, no Bill Murray, no Aliens, and no Newman but with Jim Belushi, Brandon Jackson, and some goofy herpderp kid.    That said I'm still going to see it. Haters gonna hate and Slaters gonna slate. 
2012-08-24 23:35:56
 @ThunderUp12 They should have gotten Beiber for it
2012-08-24 23:38:32
 @ThunderUp12 i heard it was so bad Skip ordered a Russell Westbrook jersey 
2012-08-25 00:13:34
Thunderstruck was a cute little movie. Our boy did great and our town looked good on the big screen. BUT, the scene with KD's mom in a cheerleader outfit was kind of very creepy. If our roles were reversed and it was my mom in the cheerleader outfit (shudders), then I'm walking off set. DONE. That image will never go away. OTher than that, 6.5/10.
2012-08-25 00:15:41
 @BrockSuede Yeah, I was thinking that scene is gonna make El Prez choke on his Milk Duds.
2012-08-25 00:18:31
 @BrockSuede I'm going to see it now. I like thick older women. How many minutes and seconds into the movie was it?
2012-08-25 00:20:49
 @ThunderChick2010  Waiting with bated breath!
2012-08-25 00:21:37
 @BrockSuede  Quit making fun of me.  :)
2012-08-25 00:22:01
 @ThunderChick2010  Just sharing my feelings ;)
2012-08-25 00:26:46
 @DennisBerry  I don't really want to think about it. Not. Good.
2012-08-25 00:28:14
 @ThunderChick2010 It was just so weird and icky.
2012-08-25 00:31:01
 @BrockSuede  Just be glad they didn't try to put her in a Thunder Girl outfit.  :)
2012-08-25 00:32:17
 @ThunderChick2010  I'm sure that idea was thrown around.
2012-08-25 00:35:28
We are ALL (mostly) adults and this was a kids movie. Of course it was simple, easy to follow and exploitative. What did you expect?
2012-08-25 00:48:08
 @BrockSuede KD's momma has a big booty tho.
2012-08-25 00:51:06
From what I've read about this movie I can't believe it's real.  Who thought this would be a good idea?  
2012-08-25 01:02:15
 @justin_mia  Nike?
2012-08-25 01:03:29
 @justin_mia  Or just advertisers in general. It's a big commercial you see.
2012-08-25 01:29:15
 @MisterJohnsonOKC  Knowing that is not helping
El Prez
2012-08-25 07:26:13
 @ThunderChick2010  @BrockSuede If they have this scene in the movie...I may not be able to view the film on DVD as well and ever be emperically objective with Kevin in TSN ratings. Is there a scene with him giving Skip Bayless a handjob as well? I think what we have here is like the story in Greek mythology about Oedipus.
El Prez
2012-08-25 07:32:55
Marge Schott was a thick, older woman. Did you get a boner thinking about her as well?
Old Man Game
2012-08-25 08:03:32
 @El Prez  I suspect KD's close attachment and respect for his Mom may be why we've heard very little about him dating off the court. You know how those Momma's boys are, its hard fro them to meet a woman they consider good enough because they're always comparing them to the gold standard in their mind. 
2012-08-25 08:45:20
2012-08-25 09:39:28
 @El Prez no because I dont know who she is
2012-08-25 11:29:36
I hate movie critics. In fact, I hate critics of any kind.
2012-08-25 11:33:17
The movie good and all (blocked out the cheerleader scene), but did they really have to CGI Nate Robinson (they couldn't afford the real one?) in for when it was revealed he was in fact Rumble in disguise? Also, why the hell did they cast Zac Efron as a heroin dealer at the pool party? That really pulled me out of the movie at that point. But no worries. The Bryan Davis dance number towards the end refocused the direction of the picture. Also, SPOILER ALERT!
2012-08-25 12:03:14
 @El Prez  @ThunderChick2010 It was a not so subtle scene explaining that his mom is his biggest fan. But, they did NOT have to have his mom dress up like that. It skewed towards very creepy.
2012-08-25 12:06:13
 @BrockSuede This movie sounds fantastic!   I can't wait to see it! 
2012-08-25 12:08:10
I heard this movie was so bad that the Razzies already sent Kevin Durant a 'Lifetime Achievement Award'
2012-08-25 12:53:13
 @Bryson Don't confuse movie critics with overly critical people.
2012-08-25 14:03:25
 @FF_pickups ^This has to stop. That dead horse you're beating isn't getting any deader.
2012-08-25 17:28:15
 @Bryson  Sounds to me like you're criticizing critics.
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