Westbrook on returning to form: ‘Never a doubt’

Russell Westbrook spoke with the media prior to the Thunder’s game Sunday against the Boston Celtics for about five minutes, answering questions about why he had surgery, his recovery timetable and his future outlook.

Here’s a transcript of it:

On the reason he had a procedure this time, better known as “the area of concern”: “Just a little swelling. That’s about it.”

On why he had a procedure and didn’t just rest it: “You don’t really know either way, resting or going in and doing surgery. Me personally, I’m just trying to do what’s best for me and my body and what’s best for me in the future.”

On how often he was having it drained: “Not often.”

On if he was feeling any pain: “Not at all.”

On if he ever talked to the team about playing through it: “There was nothing to play through. I was in no pain. Just playing basketball, trying to go out there and help my team win. Competing. And my knee just kept swelling and swelling, so I did what’s best.”

On how he feels now: “Doing great. About eight days out of surgery, so just trying to find my way.”

On him progressing quickly, getting off crutches to shooting free throws: “Not sure man. I just wake up, and try and get on the floor as quick as possible. Just try and do what’s best for my body and take it day by day.”

On playing against the Knicks and then finding out he needed a procedure: “I was supposed to get evaluated after the game, prior to the game, just based on time periods of getting evaluations like I’ve been doing on my knee throughout the season.”

On the rollercoaster of emotions: “It’s tough. You’ve just got to try and find a way to keep a rhythm. Stay intact with the team. Find a way to keep your spirits up and be ready to play next time.”

On how he’s stayed involved: “Just try to stay involved with my teammates as much as possible. Just try and continue to be a leader and help us win games.”

On how he said after his October scope he had his own timeline and if that applies this time: “I’m on always on the team’s page.”

On the team’s projected timetable: “I don’t pay no attention to those projections man. I just wake up and try to get better each and every day.”

On if he’d share what he’s thinking about his projection: “No.”

On if he’s asked his doctors what’s going on with three procedures: “Yeah of course. But at the same it’s all based on your body and how your body reacts. If I had control over what I could I never would’ve gotten surgery in the first place.”

On if there’s any doubt he’ll be the same explosive player: “Never. Never a doubt. Never a doubt.”

On where he’s at with his benchmarks: “You already said it. I was shooting free throws.”

On the benchmarks we don’t get to see him do: “And we’ll keep it that way.”

On when he might be able to go full contact: “That was funny. You asked the same thing [a different way]. That was cute.”

On getting the MRI then playing on Christmas: “I wasn’t in any pain and we wasn’t for sure anything was going on. I was going to get evaluated after the game anyway. I wasn’t in no danger of hurting myself or hurting my body or hurting anything else in my knee.”

On getting the news after the game: “No, no, no. I got evaluated after the game. That’s all you’re going to get.”

On his voice being important: “It’s very important. This time of the year, it’s very important for myself and my teammates to be able to get through this stretch and continue to find ways to get wins. For me personally, I want to continue to stay positive and stay around my teammates and stay involved with what’s going on.”

On if this was the exact same procedure as in October: “No.”

On how it was different: “I’m going to refer that answer to the doctor and the team and leave that up to them.”

Some clarification on that last answer by Westbrook: As a team official explained, Westbrook was referring to the October procedure being to remove a loose stitch, so in that way, it was not the same. In terms of the actual procedure, they were both arthroscopic.

There have been a few wild rumors about Westbrook’s meniscus being removed entirely this time around, or that he tore something else they didn’t know about, but in terms of what the procedure was, it was the exact same as the one he had in October. And if you don’t believe it, look at his recovery process. It’s basically following the same timeline.

I’m out man. Y’all n***** trippin’
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On when he might be able to go full contact: “That was funny. You asked the same thing [a different way]. That was cute.” #EffTheMedia
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I’m out man. Y’all n***** trippin’ #except royce
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I love how westbrook hates the media its my favorite thing about him