Westbrook suffers right knee sprain against Raptors

Your breath, hold it.

Russell Westbrook left Friday’s game against the Raptors in the third quarter after taking knee-to-knee contact on his surgically repaired right knee with Kyle Lowry.

Westbrook immediately called timeout, then spiked the ball on the ground as his teammates huddled around him. He exited the game and went directly to the locker room.

According to the team, it’s being called a sprained right knee, though he’ll receive further evaluation on Saturday.

Updates when available.

2014-03-21 20:51:37
so will we call lowry a dirty player now? i think it was more on westbrook this time...self inflicted injury
2014-03-21 20:55:34
Jeremy2  ? that is the dumbest comment evr. he was standing there
Reggie Jackson for MIP or 6MOY
2014-03-21 20:55:42
Jeremy2  lol whhaaat? russ didnt jumped into lowry
2014-03-21 21:45:53
Jeremy2 shut the funk up you stupid ass ignorant phukk niggggggggguuuhhhhhhhhh
2014-03-21 21:48:28
The tape doesn't lie dumbass.
2014-03-21 22:08:59
Jeremy2  it was in the course of the game not after the whistle had blown like bev
2014-03-21 22:12:38
not a dirty play by Lowry though.  Just dam unfortunate.  Hope it is not serious.
2014-03-22 06:16:26
I think it's probably good that Russ' foot wasn't planted when the contact came.  That allowed his leg to give and hopefully minimize the damage.  Still...it was a little too much "deja vu" for me.