Westbrook Voted Second Favorite in Rookie Survey

Westbrook Voted Second Favorite in Rookie Survey

Tyler Raye/Daily Thunder

The 2017-18 rookie class completed the annual rookie survey, and Russell Westbrook is a favorite of the bunch. The reigning MVP received 19.4 percent of the vote for “Who is your favorite player in the league?” — good for second among all NBA players.

The top five broke down as follows:

Who is your favorite player in the league?

  1. LeBron James — 31.5%
  2. Russell Westbrook — 19.4%
  3. Kawhi Leonard — 8.3%
  4. James Harden — 6.5%
  5. Kevin Durant/Draymond Green — 5.6% each

Westbrook’s historic season catapulted him up the ranks compared to last season, when he received just 9.4 percent of the vote in the category. The biggest change is at the top, as Golden State’s Kevin Durant fell from first to a tie for fifth place. He entered this season with three-consecutive first place finishes in the poll, so it’s clear his popularity has dipped in more areas than just the state of Oklahoma.

Thunder rookie Terrance Ferguson received votes from his peers in more than one question on the survey. He finished third in the “Which rookie is the best shooter?” category with 10.8 percent of the vote, and second in “Which rookie is the most athletic?” with 12.8 percent.

For the full rookie survey, check it out here.