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Ep. 22: ’17 – ’18 Season Preview

In this week’s episode we will cover topics such as OKC’s offensive chemistry, Paul George’s future, the emergence of Josh Huestis and 2017-2018 season predictions.

Our special guest this week is David Brandon, a self-professed NBA salary cap nerd and editor and writer for the basketball blog We’re also joined Daily Thunder community comments legend, Justin.


  • Is there cause for concern with the offense/chemistry?
  • Coming into training camp, Josh Huestis and Terrance Ferguson weren’t given much thought at all, but both shined in the preseason. Will either or both get minutes? Should they?
  • Which will be better this season—the offense or defense?
  • Will the 15th spot be occupied any time soon? Is the thinking to save some tax money or to leave room for a buyout option?
  • Paul George has been gushing about the Thunder organization, front office, team, and OKC in general all preseason. Are you feeling more optimistic he stays or is this lip service in your opinion?
  • Give me your Western Conference predictions 1-8.
  • How many games do the Thunder win?
  • Who wins MVP?
  • How far does OKC go in the playoffs?

Hot Seat (36:45)

Connect to this week’s guest:
David Brandon – @birdrightsnba

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