Quick bit about player movement

I don’t want to detract from tonight’s game and pregame write up, so I will make this brief.  There was a little news blurb out of Tulsa today, specifically our 66ers D-League Affiliate. Apparently Presti’s people down there (we are one of only three teams that actually own our own affiliate) re-acquired the shaggy one Steven Hill who had a little cup of coffee with the big team earlier this year. They traded former Thunder player Ronald Dupree who was in Tulsa.

But in other news, Presti’s guys acquired Gary Forbes in a trade for Chris Ellis. I’ve never heard of Chris Ellis, but I have heard of Gary Forbes. He was doing his best last spring trying to get drafted out of UMass. He had a good showing at the Portsmouth invitational, and was the MVP of the Orlando pre-draft camp (which is the camp that all the guys that aren’t a lock to get drafted go to). He is a scorer, not so much of a defender, and he is a shooting guard/swingman. He’s about the same size as D-Wilk.

The only real significance here is that we need a shooter, and he has been shooting well in the D-League.  He was traded for, and so it gains significance with the trade deadline less than a month away. If we consolidate our roster, moving out one or more guys, this may be somebody that fills a role on the team if we are short handed. Same goes for Shaggy Hill.

The press release is here.

Gary Forbes’ Draftexpress bio.

2009-01-23 00:45:41
Not sure what kind of offers Mason gets this summer and want he values most right now- minutes, shots, money, leadership role, OKC, future prospects. If he had any interest in coaching I think it would be mutually beneficial to re-sign him for a year or two, ease him into a current Brent Barry sized on the court role (10-15 min) and increase the off the court role gradually and then move him into an assistant coach role if he wanted it. He'd be good to scrimmage guys, push him and advise them and be a positive influence. Have no idea if he wants it or would be good at but if you wanted to develop a future head coach candidate internally I'd give his case consideration.
2009-01-22 01:28:00
Chris Ellis is a power forward out of Wake Forest. I've barely heard of him but his D league stats don't suggest he is any real loss. Forbes sounds like a good pickup for that price, especially if he can play some SG. He is a volume 3 point shooter with good accuracy at least in the D league and improving of his college days. Having options on Hill is worth the price of Dupree given the other trade and the current roster. I like the moves. They may not amount to anything but they might and I'd do them, especially if trades at the big league level or summer drops are coming.
2009-01-22 06:36:12
Only 28 days till the trade deadline. Brooks has the rotation so tight, I am not sure anybody else would get minutes right now, so consolidation would be good. I'd love to see Watson, maybe Mason, definitely Wilcox go elsewhere. Weaver had a nice game last night. Maggette really used all the tricks against the rook though. As much as I've been down on Watson, he is really playing much better of late. He has done this a lot with this franchise. Stink up the joint for half a season, then play much better.
2009-01-22 11:46:15
Nagging injuries are part of it for Watson, but not all of it. His record shows he is more hot and cold than is average for players month to month or season to season.
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2009-01-22 13:28:54
I wouldn't mind too much seeing Watson or Wilcox go in a trade. But I'll keep Mason, thanks. Not because he's an OSU alumni either. I love the fight I see in him, I love his quicks. I love the "bring it!" look on his face no matter who it is he has to defend. I love the leadership he brings, the intensity, the out-of-nowhere plays he makes at just the right time. I hold my breath when he shoots free throws, but I'll still take him all season long.
2009-01-22 18:07:14
All those things you said about Mason are true. He is a warrior. If I were king for a day, I would actually resign him, with the understanding, and the commensurate salary, that he would be coming off the bench. I think a solid Vet like him is worth about 3.5-5.0 mil or so. But, I am not sure he wants that role, and I would bet he wants to be in a situation where he can be a big part of the rotation and be paid like it. If I am wrong, I guess we will see. I just don't think he is our shooting guard going forward, do you?
2009-01-23 05:33:09
Boy,you are right about that. That would be great for both sides. He was really working on Dwayne Wade. There's a nice article Royce linked to, about David Thorpe's take on the Rookies. He is pointing out that OJ Mayo's shooting is dropping each month, and it's because he doesn't get to the line.
Jax Raging Bile Duct
2009-01-23 09:58:38
Maybe Mason is in the plan for the future, maybe he isn't. Maybe four scorers and one lock down defender on the floor together is in the plan, maybe it isn't. I just feel for the guy who replaces him. OKC loves Mason. LOVES him. So the guy who replaces him better have a winning personality and a good work ethic. OKC will love and respect you if they think you're a hard worker, especially if they think you appreciate playing here. But assistant coach Mason has a nice ring to it.