Saturday Morning Cartoons: Stay

Honey Badger (BangBangThunder)
2016-07-02 05:04:57
Honey Badger (BangBangThunder)
2016-07-02 05:05:10
I am first
Honey Badger (BangBangThunder)
2016-07-02 05:05:25
Yeahhhhh. My post. My likes
Honey Badger (BangBangThunder)
2016-07-02 05:05:44
I am alone in this world. And I am free
Honey Badger (BangBangThunder)
2016-07-02 05:05:58
Bring me boozr
Honey Badger (BangBangThunder)
2016-07-02 05:06:25
All the women know who is in charge in this biaaatch
2016-07-02 05:08:56
First! Weird, no one else has posted anything!
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 05:09:27
Reading the Celtics Horford thread on RealGM is great: I wonder what's holding up the Celtics agreeing to a deal with Al Horford ?
Honey Badger (BangBangThunder)
2016-07-02 05:11:36
They suck?
2016-07-02 05:14:55
Honey Badger (BangBangThunder) KD possibly
2016-07-02 05:15:51
DT just wants to know what KD does
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 05:19:20
This guy gets it Watch Kanter will be moved and Horford will be playing with Durant in OKC. Ainge will have major egg on his face and the league will be laughing
Scrooge NZ
2016-07-02 05:20:25
Well this is really weird. Enjoy DT, and goodnight.
2016-07-02 05:35:13
wow early, stay!
2016-07-02 05:40:55
KD is staying, and Horford is joining too, he's clearly waiting on KD to decide.
StyIe Icon
2016-07-02 05:42:16
Sad. Goodnight all.
2016-07-02 05:56:36
Kanter is getting paid Evan Turner money.
2016-07-02 06:02:40
Royce at it early today with the super dramatic cartoon post
2016-07-02 06:05:09
If Horford was going to Boston he'd have committees to help sell KD today
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 06:05:51
All these tweets after fa meetings are great. Teams talking them up and suddenly sources report the meeting went great.
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 06:05:57
okcjim committees?
2016-07-02 06:08:53
Posting from my phone. Fat fingers
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 06:09:11
Guy on RealGM "I'm surprised you Atlanta folks aren't hearing what I'm hearing from friends in the area -- Horford is out the door. He didn't/doesn't want to play with Dwight, and told the team so. Because the Hawks management knew Horford was fielding four year max offers and didn't want to pay that much, they went ahead and signed Dwight cheaper with the intent of letting Al go. Dislike it because you love Al -- I get that. But he's leaving for somewhere.'
2016-07-02 06:11:03
Interstitial asked woj to leave us off horfords meeting list because if we don't get him would rather not piss off the 5 people we'd have to move
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 06:12:52
okcjim interstitial? Fat fingers again?
2016-07-02 06:21:22
Geez I need to stop. Presti. Not even close
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 06:25:01
okcjim Might be. But I highly doubt ppl on the team don't know what's happening.
2016-07-02 06:26:47
why else try to keep It quiet.
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 06:27:20
okcjim I don't know. I just don't believe the team doesn't know if Presti's going after Horford or not.
2016-07-02 06:36:40
Did Jabb make it through the night?
2016-07-02 06:55:05 The fuck???
2016-07-02 06:57:10
C-Wil It's a joke.
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 07:00:32
d21 C-Wil so is this. What vision? lol.
2016-07-02 07:01:23
damn, now that balmer cried he just raised the bar... inc crying GMs
2016-07-02 07:04:41
Report on KD after meeting with Thunder supposedly was from sources close to KD. After each other meeting, have seen "reaction" and belief in how meeting went. . . .but nor from someone "close to KD." Anything to be drawn from that?
2016-07-02 07:06:04
C-Wil "you know that was our ball Kevin, admit it!"
2016-07-02 07:12:37
Anybody have a link for summer league?
lost ones
2016-07-02 07:16:53
No way we get horford
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 07:17:53
lost ones smh. We will.
2016-07-02 07:19:10
lost ones im starting to feel the same way, the dude needs to go make his money.
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 07:20:17
Notres lost ones We can offer him max.
lost ones
2016-07-02 07:21:38
We'd have to somehow move so much
2016-07-02 07:30:07
lost ones it is hoenstly just moving bodys, we wouldnt be losing anything of worth.
2016-07-02 07:30:14
Going after some of these salary dumps is a cheaper way to build the bottom half of your roster than signing a FA in this market.
lost ones
2016-07-02 07:32:16
The problem is we'd have to give up assets we don't have to move players. Moving Kanter almost 20mm salary would be a huge challenge.
2016-07-02 07:33:21
lost ones Kanter is seen a bargain basement deal now, easily moveable.
deleted_96636888_ KD43
2016-07-02 07:33:36
2016-07-02 07:33:39
Maybe. That 25 mil of salary on the open market today prob = 35 mil. It's on sale
2016-07-02 07:34:15
KD43 great 2008.
deleted_96636888_ KD43
2016-07-02 07:34:27
Artillery A117
2016-07-02 07:38:00
Damn this some early cartoons. Royce must be having nightmares over KD leaving
2016-07-02 07:38:15
KD to Clippers gaining a LOT of traction nationally. They're the favorites in most people's eyes.
2016-07-02 07:39:57
Yeah right
2016-07-02 07:40:15
C-Wil so the last team to meet with him is the favourite?
deleted_96636888_ KD43
2016-07-02 07:41:12
KD's free agency got royce sweating like
2016-07-02 07:41:23
No idea what the Lakers are doing.
2016-07-02 07:41:45
d21 #justlakerthings
deleted_96636888_ KD43
2016-07-02 07:41:59
d21 I don't think they do themselves
2016-07-02 07:42:28
Maybe the clipps told durant CP3 will be gone next year and they will have room for russ.
2016-07-02 07:42:41
Or Orlando or Atlanta or Dallas or Knicks.
2016-07-02 07:42:49
They might be dumb enough to trade Russell for Kanter and PAYNE the way things are going
2016-07-02 07:43:03
No chance he goes to clippers
2016-07-02 07:44:22
okcjim doesnt mean they didnt tell durant they will make room for russ.
2016-07-02 07:44:41
lakers will fight for the 8th seed, watch.
2016-07-02 07:44:41
2016-07-02 07:46:04
He's not going there
deleted_96636888_ KD43
2016-07-02 07:46:15
I know why the meeting took 4hrs. To commence the meeting all the people present had to make a free throw KD: Swish Jamal Crawford: Swish Blake Griffin: Swish Doc Rivers: Swish KD's Agent: Swish DeAndre Jordan:
deleted_96636888_ KD43
2016-07-02 07:46:33
2016-07-02 07:47:21
Spangler on the summer league team? HELL YA BABY! Going to be nice seeing mitch play some Bball and is not ded.
Barry Amenema
2016-07-02 07:48:55
2016-07-02 07:54:39
Horford most likely going to Boston
Pillendreher #TeamAlpha
2016-07-02 07:55:08
@lost ones We wouldn't have to move too much. Kanter+Morrow S&T would be enough actually.
2016-07-02 08:04:15
Vander blue was a league leader in scoring last year
2016-07-02 08:05:36
I think if he was he'd have committed already to help get KD.
2016-07-02 08:05:49
McGary not starting