Welcome to Daily Thunder, where Thunder is brought… daily

So here it is. This is what millions (or tens, whatever) of fans have been waiting for. The official launch of Daily Thunder.com.

So what is it? ESPN? The Worldwide Leader? Can you introduce me to Sage Steele? Well, it’s simple: A few months ago I got a very surprising call and an offer to join Henry Abbott’s TrueHoop Network. And after I cleaned up the mess I just made on the floor, I of course said, ” YESYESYESYESYES.” Basically, Daily Thunder is hopefully going to be one of your media outlets to help you follow your favorite basketball team and ESPN and TrueHoop make it that much better. (Read Henry’s story on the release of the network. He’s got some brilliant thoughts on sports and blogging in there. Henry is just plain awesome.)

Also, this is going to be a bit of a tag team deal. I absolutely love the statistical analysis of Joe from Thunderguru.com. I understand some of the modern stats, but for the most part I’m just like the guy that pretends to have seen a commercial when he really hasn’t and the whole time you’re trying to talk about it, he’s just nodding and going, “Yeah. Ha! I love that part. Yeah.” That’s me with New Hoop Stats. But Joe is an expert. And he talks in statistics so you better learn yourself on Modern Stats if you want to follow along. And I highly advise that you do because it’s an amazing way to look into the game and gives you so much more insight and information about why your team is doing this, but not doing that. We got the offer to go into a Thunder blog collectively at a big fan blog outfit, but after I got the call from the Blogfather, I couldn’t say no. And I liked the idea of teaming up with Joe so much that I thought, why not combine up anyway and make a Thunder blog that Robert Swift can be proud of.

One thing that I think is extremely cool is the imbedded ESPN video player over on the right. It updates constantly with new highlights and new videos, so if you want to catch highlights from last night’s game, you can come here and get all the Thunder you can handle in one stop.

Joe and I will being doing podcasts (hopefully) on a regular basis talking about trades, the upcoming draft, the team’s better play and last week’s Gossip Girl. I love podcasting with Joe because he’s smarter than me and most the time I just end up listening and learning something new. I’ve been an NBA fan for years – I mean what kid wasn’t when No. 23 glided into every living room. But being an Oklahoma kid, I’ve never really had the chance to follow an NBA club. That’s why it’s good to have Joe around. He’s the Earl Watson to my Russell Westbrook. Uh, bad comparison – sorry Joe.

One thing Joe and I highly encourage is fan input and wild, biased opinions being tossed about like MSNBC on crack. If you notice something about Joe Smith’s socks and you write 500 words about it, email us at dailythunder@gmail.com and if it’s good, we’ll post it as its own story. If you find an interesting story on the Internets and think we should see it, hit us up. Or if you just want to email us and tell me how sexy my voice sounds, go for it.

Anyway, take a swing around the network and check out all the awesome blogs like Forum Blue and Gold, Hardwood Paroxysm, WizzNutzz, Clipperblog, 48 Minutes of Hell and so on and so forth.

Big time thanks to Henry and Kevin Arnovitz (who will be managing the network) for this opportunity. There may be some kinks to work out and right now, everything is kind of a work in progress. But we’re excited about it and we look forward to blogging the Thunder, the only way we know how. Awesomely.

More reading on the TrueHoop Network via Sports Business Journal.

2009-01-20 12:14:36
It's about time we have some legit bloggers for our beloved Thunder. I'm adding this website to my facebook page
2009-01-20 12:32:26
Well, but you used to read Kelvin Smitty, so obviously I have to be better.
2009-01-20 12:51:44
thunderinokc is not bad... this one here will be the best with Royce and Joe... and the okcthunderfans forum is great too... so I'd say for our first year of having a team we're doing pretty good...
2009-01-20 13:32:28
"The Seattle Sloppyseconds… lol nice season." You guys aren't gonna let this kind of stuff stick around are you?
What a Joke
2009-01-20 13:34:03
To take off the troll hat for a second... I really do miss the team, and it's been pretty miserable for the entire state in 2008. I do wonder what would've happened if the entire Seattle fanbase wasn't alienated from the team - there's a good chance I'd still be watching NBA games regularly.
2009-01-20 13:44:19
Losing a team hurts. I remember when I lost the grizzlies in Vancouver, hurts like hell. "Seattle Sloppyseconds"? Is that what you're planning on calling the team after you ironically do the same thing to New Jersey or Memphis as was done to you?
2009-01-20 14:05:13
Site looks great. Keep up the good work, and maybe you can convince the Thunder they'd get more fans by winning!
2009-01-20 14:33:29
<blockquote cite="#commentbody-1159"> <strong><a href="#comment-1159" rel="nofollow">okcnba</a> :</strong> “The Seattle Sloppyseconds… lol nice season.” You guys aren’t gonna let this kind of stuff stick around are you? </blockquote> Absolutely not. No trolling here.
green lantern
2009-01-20 14:56:59
wow this is awesome finally a good blog for the thunder my prediction is they will make the playoffs in the next two years with the right picks and keepin the core together. throw in blake griffin and a FA big man and theyll be set
2009-01-20 15:20:10
Wonderful, a Thunder blog with real, live, tempo-free statistical analysis! I really like to do analysis of the college game from a tempo-free statistical perspective (I post over on the OUhoops.com site) and wondered if there was anybody (besides Hollinger, of course) who did tempo-free stats and analysis for the NBA--particularly the Thunder. It was an excellent move for you all to become associated with ESPN (at least from my outsider's perspective), for otherwise I would not likely have ever even seen your site. I look forward to keeping an eye on your work and, perhaps, adding my 2 cents periodically.
Thunder in OKC
2009-01-20 21:19:03
Congratulations on the team up fellas! Look forward to seeing what you guys can do together! Looking great so far!
2009-01-20 22:25:15
Good summation of the "attendance obsession" Oklahoma city has. I didn't realize those numbers of the Grizz, Hornets, and Bobcats(and people make fun of our logo/nickname?!?) were as bad as they were. Puts things in perspective a little bit!
Doug Loudenback
2009-01-20 22:56:51
I've done a blog page of my own about your fine new blog: http://dougdawg.blogspot.com/2009/01/daily-thunder.html I meant every word. Great job, guys, keep up the good work!
2009-01-21 00:18:11
Oh man Doug, is it ever. I love actually getting excited about seeing a new comment instead of dreading what it might say.
Doug Loudenback
2009-01-20 23:58:27
Royce, it's a lot better, isn't it, to see so many comments like the above than the multitude you experienced in your former life, isn't it?
2009-01-21 05:42:54
<a href="#comment-1199" rel="nofollow">@Doug Loudenback</a> Thanks Doug. Very cool. I live in Oregon by the way. :O)
2009-01-21 10:39:46
Two Words: We're screwed! Still, congratulations on the new blog and the team up. I can't say I'm not jealous, but I do sincerely wish you the best, and I'll still keep reading you guys. Good luck.
Doug Loudenback
2009-01-21 19:42:56
<blockquote cite="#commentbody-1207"> <strong><a href="#comment-1207" rel="nofollow">Joe</a> :</strong> <a href="#comment-1199" rel="nofollow">@Doug Loudenback</a> Thanks Doug. Very cool. I live in Oregon by the way. :O) </blockquote> Joe -- oops! I'll fix that ... living in Oregon, how did you become such a staunch SuperSonics fan over the years?
2009-01-21 20:22:45
No worries Doug. It's just the team I loved growing up. I lived in the Seattle area, and then went in the Airforce and was stationed in Tacoma Washington. Later in my late 20's I fled the wet Northwest, but still dig my team. I really sympathize with the Seattle area and think they deserve a team. I really feel bad for the fans. But I personally don't really have any attachment to the area any more. So I don't have any problem following them down there. From what I've read, and the bit I've gotten to know a few people down there (mostly emails and chats) I have much more in common with the red state OK than the blue Washington state. :O).