Community Predictions

It’s time for our annual Western Conference Prediction contest!

Use this comment thread to share what spot (1-15) you think each WC team will finish the regular season. Lists will be scored at semi-regular intervals by figuring the sum of all the differences between the spots you predict for each team and each team’s actual current standing. Of course, lower scores are ranked higher. (More scoring details and info about tie-breakers to come.) We play, as always, for bragging rights.

Standings updates:

  • Your total is the sum of all the differences between what you predicted for each team and the team’s actual current standing.
  • Scores are ranked from lowest total to highest.
  • The numbers in parentheses reflect the color-coding . . . the number of greens (exact), yellows (off by 1 or 2), sunsets (off by 3 or 4), and reds (off by 5 or more).
  • The tie-breaking is fine-tuned a bit more beyond the simple color coding. After looking at total, ties are broken by number of exacts, then number off by 1, then number off by 2, and so forth.

The latest.

Submissions were closed at tip-off of the first Western Conference game, Tuesday – October 22, 2019 at 7:00pm CDT.

Some WC Prediction Contest history:

Vegas – 41st out of 67
DT Average – 28th out of 67
1st Place – Silas (score of 34)
2nd Place – Last Chance (score of 34)
3rd Place – Emoji ( ) (score of 34)
Last Place – El Duhkario (score of 58)

Vegas – 22nd out of 68
DT Average – 41st out of 68
1st Place – DTVizzle (score of 28)
2nd Place – Voeg (score of 28)
3rd Place – Jeremy Bloom (score of 32)
Last Place – Ash (score of 54)

Vegas – 36th out of 77
DT Average – 19th out of 77
1st Place – the egg (score of 20)
2nd Place – King of Carrot Flowers (score of 20)
3rd Place – Crow (score of 20)
Last Place – stache (score of 44)

Vegas – 20th out of 92
DT Average – 17th out of 92
1st Place – slowneasy (score of 26)
2nd Place – El Prez (score of 26)
3rd Place – claeys (score of 28)
Last Place – GlendaGonzales (score of 56)

Vegas – 45th out of 87
DT Average – 47th out of 87
1st Place – YoniK (score of 24)
2nd Place – tygablood (score of 24)
3rd Place – NZ Salmon (score of 24)
Last Place – slowneasy (score of 46)