Friday Bolts – 9.11.09

Around the TrueHoop Network, folks are discussing retired numbers and who might should be added. I wanted to join thunderbolt23in on the fun, but, well, you know. Who could the Thunder retire? Earl Watson? But in all seriousness, if OKC was going to retire any player in the near future, I do think Desmond Mason is a semi-candidate. Just for the reasons I wrote here. Or possibly the fans like Sacramento did. Or maybe even Clay Bennett or Mick Cornett or something. I don’t know, it seems like it would just be best to wait for Kevin Durant because our options are kind of limited. Any ideas? [NetsAreScorching, Hornets247, Hoopinion, Bucksketball]

Obligatory congratulations Michael Jordan mention. And also to John Stockton, David Robinson and Jerry Sloan.

Peter Vescey’s bad Hall of Fame speech has been the talk of the NBA world today, so be sure to read Jeff Pearlman’s account: “He seemed to have no notes. No thoughts. No … nothing. He began not by expressing his appreciation, but by rattling off all the shunned players he believed belonged in the Hall. From there, he just … babbled. About this. About that. He seemed to be drunk, but I don’t think he was. The man was just, well, lost. He used language one doesn’t use in a Hall speech. He called out people’s names (”Calvin Murphy! Tiny Archibald!”), and you could literally see the men squirming in their seats. I was sitting about 10 feet from David Stern, who—throughout the ceaseless banter—dismissively shook his head while checking his Blackberry. Jordan, the star of the weekend, walked out. Just left, and never returned.”

A Eurobasket qualifying round preview: “Serbia: Have gotten nice contributions up and down their deep, young roster. 10 players average at least 14 mins/game. Stunned Spain with an impressive defensive effort. Nenad Krstic (12 points per game & four rebounds per game) has been a solid option on the blocks and protecting the rim. Guards Milenko Tepic and Milos Teodosic have run the offense efficiently and stayed away from forcing the action. Need to get their shooting back on track after a poor display in the first round — 24 percent from 3.”

The refs near a lockout: “The problem is, David Stern does not negotiate. He tells you what’s going to happen and then when you don’t do it, and do something differently, he whines and acts like a child,” McMorris said. “That’s not how you negotiate. Not with adults.”

KD remembers 9/11: “Headed to the gym, do u guys remember where u were on 9-11-01..i was in 8th grade, and i culd see the smoke from the pentagon by my house!”

Speaking of, I don’t think anything commemorates that day better than this. Say what you will about him, but this is just about the best moment ever. It gives you the total package – hard swallow, watery eyes, hot face and the hair standing on your arms.

Now just 47 days until the season starts. Speaking of 47, remember when KD dropped 47 against New Orleans? I do.