Monday Bolts – 12.1.08

  • FreeDarko weighs in on Scotty Brooks: “The bottom line is that the Thunder already look and feel better under Scotty Brooks, who I must namedrop, as one of the few NBA guys I actually made friends with during my few years working for the Timberwolves. When I was 11 years old and working my first game, Brooks hit me with a $20 bill and actually chatted with me — I felt a connection with him ever since that point. He was one of the true nice guys in the league, and also was a tough little bastard — someone that Barkley would go to war for in their Sixers days and someone who played some key stretches during the Rockets’ mid-90s title runs. Brooks has been city-hopping for a while, and may in fact be the next great coach. He provides the toughness of Scott Skiles, but also knows when to loosen his grip.”