Westbrook Week
October 28 - November 1, 2019

When Oklahoma City meets Houston this season, the once-unthinkable will happen: Russell Westbrook will play against the Thunder. During Westbrook Week, Daily Thunder will be covering the player who means more to the franchise and fanbase than any other: the memories, the joy, the frustrations, and the place he'll continue to hold in Thunderdom. We invite you to process with us.

Good Russ Memories. Forget the bad, forget the ugly. Let's remember Good Russ.

The Return: Game 4 Preview. Will Russ notch a triple-double against the Thunder?

The Return: Game 4 Recap. I just can’t do it. I can’t cheer for the Rockets. Go Russ and all, but nah.

That Was Weird: Watching Russ vs. OKC for the first time. Seeing Russell Westbrook on a new team was just really wholesome content.

Rooting For the Rockets: A Thunder Fan Guide. You can enjoy all the best parts of Russell Westbrook without having to defend all the not-so-good parts. It's the best of both worlds.

Rooting Against the Rockets: A Thunder Fan Guide.
If they fail, we win.

An Amicable Split. Westbrook’s fire was infectious, convincing two stars to spend time in OKC, a possibility that seemed extinguished in 2016. But on-court fire wasn’t enough.

The Saga Continues: The Future of the Russell Westbrook Narrative. Should we continue to root for laundry, or follow the player who's defined our fanhood?


Good Russ Memories

The Return: Game 4 Preview

The Return: Game 4 Recap


Watching Russ as a Rocket


Rooting for the Rockets
Rooting Against the Rockets


Bye Bye Bad Russ


Rooting for a Fitting End to Russ's Career