Team USA skunks Nigeria, 156-73

Christian Petersen/Getty Images


Kevin Durant hit the game-winning shot against Nigeria Thursday. It was Team USA’s first attempt that made it 3-0. Because the game was over right then and there.

It was just your typical 83-point blowout as Durant went for 14, Russell Westbrook 21 on 7-of-8 shooting and James Harden seven. Carmelo Anthony was absolutely on fire hitting 10-of-12 from 3 and finishing with 37 points, which set a new U.S. Olympic record. (The all-time American international record is held by KD who scored 38 against Lithuania in the 2010 World Championships.)

Melo was so on fire, he actually busted out the MJ Shrug after his 10th one. And it was completely appropriate. He scored 37 points in 14 minutes. (!!!!!!!!)

Check the first quarter for Team USA: 18-22 from the floor, 11-14 from 3 for a 49-25 lead. That’s right, only one 2-point miss in the opening 10 minutes. And it was a blown Tyson Chandler tip-dunk.

The U.S. shot 71.1 percent from the floor, hit 29-46 from 3 and assisted on 38 of their 59 made baskets.

There was a nice Thunder play in the first half as Westbrook ripped away a nice steal, passed out to Durant who ran ahead and tossed a left-handed lob to Harden who powered it in with two hands.

And that lob from Kevin Love to Westbrook. Whoa. It wasn’t as good as the Durant-to-Russ lob against the Kings, but it was definitely completely sick. Points deducted for the ball getting a little stuck on the rim, but other than that, it was perfect. The international panel of judges give it a 16.233.

It was pretty much all fun and good times, except for Harden getting his ankles completely broken in the first half. That part wasn’t the best.


Next up for the U.S. is a tougher game against Lithuania on Saturday.