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The Rumbling Herd: Ep. 1

(Now officially begins the Daily Thunder weekly podcast and it’s tentatively called The Rumbling Herd. Lame? Heck yes. But what is a guy to do? Stealing from Colin Cowherd just made sense to me. It was between that and The Rumble Report, which my wife liked. Or just Thundercast which is almost as boring as Daily Thunder. But I’m the paterfamilias so I choose. Anyway, we’ve had podcasts here on Daily Thunder in the past, but this here marks the start of a weekly one that will run through the season and on into the rest of eternity. Hope you like.)

On today’s episode (which is actually going to be a two-parter):

In part two, I’ll have a little conversation with Sonicsgate director, Jason Reid. You’re welcome for the oversaturation of Sonicsgate. I enjoyed the film, alright? I’ll have that up later this week. Anyway, hope you like and while there’s some kinks in it (like the 15 second silence after the interview), hopefully it will get better. The sound isn’t excellent, but I’ll try and make the necessary adjustments. And if my voice makes you want to vomit, email me and I’ll transcribe the whole thing for you. (Kidding, obviously. Don’t email me.)

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Royce Young
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