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Thunder U 2.0

Perspective_7A | Nanae Yamano

Fans of the Thunder since the Inaugural season, way back in 2008, have affectionately referred to the early years of the team as Thunder U. The key players on the roster – Russ, KD, Harden, Green, Ibaka were all really young and could have still been in college, so it gave the teams a really fun, and close-knit feel, much like a University Team. With a future rebuild centered around SGA and other young guns looming, it’s time for Thunder U to return as Thunder U 2.0.

I have gone through the entire roster and placed players into one of three categories in relations to Thunder U 2.0 – The Definites who figure to take part in the next chapter, The Maybes who may or may not be along for the ride, and The Probably Nots–players who don’t fit the upcoming timeline.  

The Definites

The Maybes

The Probably Nots


Logan Meyer
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