Wednesday Bolts – 11.19.08

  • Sam Amico of Pro Basketball News on Thunder – Clippers: “Now, the Thunder have some legit reasons for stumbling in their new city. For one, they’re in a new city — after having spent the previous 212 years or so in Seattle. So even home games have to feel like they’re being played on the road. Besides that, they’re extremely young, with guys like Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Robert Swift and rookie Russell Westbrook performing key roles. Basically, even if the Thunder aren’t really an expansion team, you’d have a hard time convincing anyone. They’re being rebuilt in a new town, with a new nickname, new uniforms and new set of fans. It just doesn’t seem right that SuperSonics legend Lenny Wilkens is considered part of their history.”
  • Mike Baldwin says tonight is a must-win: “General manager Sam Presti warned fans a methodical approach to building a winner around young players would take time. But even Presti is disappointed the Thunder has trailed by 20 or more points in several games.”
  • ESPN fantasy dude Eric Karabell talks roto Thunder: “Jeff Green can be better than Kevin Durant: I’m talking only from a fantasy hoops sense, really. But hey, Green was the best player on his team Saturday night, hitting 10 of 15 field goals and adding a few rebounds, 3s and steals. Durant didn’t have a great weekend in New York and Philly, hitting only 14 of 39 shots and committing only one fewer turnover than he had rebounds and assists combined, but I do understand that he probably wasn’t 100 percent after missing a game with a sore ankle. On Monday night, Durant bounced back with a nice game, but Green still got his shots. Impressed with Green and still disappointed in Durant from his rookie season, I began to wonder whether Green might actually end up the better fantasy option this season. Why is that such a crazy statement?”
  • Clips Nation on tonight’s game: “Now this is how you rebuild. Or at least, they’ve got the first part down; the part where you hit rock bottom. The Thunder’s top three scorers are 20 year old Kevin Durant (21 points per game), 22 year old Jeff Green (15) and 20 year old Russell Westbrook (12). Their leading rebounder is 22 year old Robert Swift. The problem is, no one else is averaging in double digits. The Thunder have a new city, some young talent, extra first round picks in each of the next two draft, and about a ton of cap space for the foreseeable future. Can they get free agents to move to Oklahoma? That remains to be seen, but it’s no surprise that they’re losing this season – that’s all part of the plan. Step 1 is working perfectly. But Step 2 often proves to be the tricky part.”