Wednesday Bolts – 1.7.09

Have you voted for Russell Westbrook today? Do it… Do it.

One day until the National Championship game. I’m nervous. And mad about the media storm around Dominique Franks’ “comments.”

Seth from Posting and Toasting on OKC: “Credit Oklahoma City with being a really surprisingly solid city and arena. They’re really loveable underdogs. There’s a pre-game prayer (I’d like to see that), they have silly sound effects for each player (I guess the Knicks do to, but somehow this is sillier), and get legitimately rowdy when their team performs. Hats off to the OKC. Still, it would’ve given me sick pleasure to rob them of a much-deserved win.”

See, we knew everyone would start to come around. One commenter at Knickerblogger: “It was totally [messed] up how the Thunder ended up in OKC, but yeah, the fans in OKC obviously love them their basketball.”

What do YOU mean, “those guys?”: ‘”It’s taking steps back, especially losing to those guys,” Al Harrington said. “No disrespect to them, but we’re in a different place than those guys.” “What different place? The Thunder boast three young studs the Knicks wish they had. Second-year stars Kevin Durant and Jeff Green battered the Knicks with 27 points apiece, and rookie point guard Russell Westbrook, whom the Knicks targeted in the draft, finished with 22 points and nine assists.”‘

Still following the Thunder on ESPN’s “worst team ever” thing? Yeah, me neither: With last night’s win, the Thunder are on pace for a 12-70 record. After 35 games, the 1972-73 Sixers were 3-35. Which isn’t even the worst ever after 35. The 1997-98 Nuggets, the 1993-94 Mavs and 1970-71 Cavs were all 2-33. Hey, I’m kind of digging 5-30 now.

Ball Don’t Lie Behind the Box Score: “The Thunder stormed (I just wrote that, I didn’t even think about it … I think the BtB wheels have come off) to an early lead with some sound ball movement and plenty of aggression. Good aggression, getting into lanes, making the extra pass, and finishing well. Kevin Durant had 27 points on 16 shots, with 12 rebounds, and Jeff Green scored 27 of his own. A sneaky 27, if I’m honest. Didn’t know it was happening until I was told. Also, Russell Westbrook … 22 points, nine assists, six boards, four turnovers, not bad. Again, lots of aggression. The Thunder looked great, New York came back for a spell during the fourth quarter, but Oklahoma City is playing some really good basketball of late, and it’s been truly fun to watch.”

Bored? Waste some time checking out what I think are the top 10 Nike commercials ever: “Pretty much anything with Michael Jordan makes a great commercial. It could be 30 seconds of MJ just dribbling in his underwear with some awesome pulsing beat with a light piano over the top and then you slap, “Become Legendary” and the Jumpman on the end of it and you’ve got a flippin’ sweet commercial.”