Who is helping/hurting the Thunder the most?

Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE/Getty Images

Here are some of the eye-opening stats from the Thunder’s 2010-2011 season thus far. This isn’t an all encompassing list but more so the numbers that have captured my attention and even somewhat surprised me on which players seem to hurt and help the Thunder the most win it comes to trying to put a ‘W’ in the win column.

And yes, this is going to cause “discussion.” Believe me.

  • The Thunder are 11-2 when Serge Ibaka plays 30 or more minutes a game (which means they’re only 12-11 when Serge plays less than 30; oh yeah, did I mention he’s averaging only 26 minutes a game right now over the season?). In the games Serge has played more than 30 minutes, he is averaging 11.46 points, 8.69 rebounds and 2.62 blocks in those games
  • Oh, and the Thunder are 16-5 when Serge scores in double digits as well
  • The Thunder are 10-2 when Durant scores 30 or more points; 18-8 if he scores 25 points or more
  • The Thunder are 9-3 when Westbrook notches double digit assists. If he dishes out 8 or more assists, the Thunder are 12-5. You can guess what happens if he dishes out less and less assists
  • Yet, Westbrook’s scoring seems just as critical to the Thunder’s chance at a victory, as the team is 15-5 when Westbrook scores 20 or more points (and are only 8-8 when he doesn’t)

And since he’s such a hot button issue (and rightfully so after last night’s debacle of a performance/indefensible amount of playing time with a visibly on fire James Harden just wasting away on the bench)…

  • 1: the number of games Jeff Green has grabbed double-digit rebounds (to be fair, Green has grabbed 9 boards in 4 games this year…though to be REALLY fair, 1 is now the number of games Jeff Green has failed to grab a single rebound in a game)
  • 15: the number of times Jeff Green has failed to grab at least six rebounds (where his career average for rebounds used to be) in a game. Also, the Thunder’s record in those games: 9-6, which is kind of troubling to me since the Thunder should realistically have a worse record in that scenario, i.e., you’d expect Green to be making more of an impact than that since he is second on the team in minutes played and third in scoring and, well, the starting PF
  • Thunder’s record when Jeff Green scores 20 points or more: 5-0 (nice!); Thunder’s record when Jeff Green scores 15 points (his average) or more: 9-6
  • Thunder’s record when Jeff Green plays 37 or more minutes a game (his average): 13-10, yeah, this one is kind of a biggie to me

Continuing the minutes played trend…

  • Thunder’s record when James Harden plays 30 or more minutes: 7-4; Thunder’s record when Thabo Sefolosha plays 30 or more minutes: 11-4
  • Number of Harden’s 30+ minute games that weren’t a blowout (at least a 12 point loss/victory) when the Thunder had a full roster of wing players/no wing injuries: 3, @Pacers, Mavs #2, Hawks on New Year’s Eve…yes, that’s really it, he’s been on the pine otherwise even if the ball glowed an amber hue when he touched it
  • Number of times James Harden has shot better than 50% from 3PT land and yet did not get to play at least 30 minutes: 11 (their record in those games: 6-5)
  • Thunder’s record when James Harden shoots better than 50% from 3PT land and plays at least 30 minutes: 5-0
  • Thunder’s record when Thabo scores double digit points: 8-1
  • Thunder’s record when Thabo (the Thunder’s SHOOTING GUARD) grabs 6 rebounds in a game: 10-3
  • Thunder’s record when Nenad Krstic plays: 17-10
  • Thunder’s record when Krstic plays 23 minutes or more (his average): 9-3…seriously, I know, right?!
  • Thunder’s record when Eric Maynor makes a (singular) three: 9-4; Thunder’s record when Maynor shoots 38.6% from 3PT or better (his average): 8-4…so, um, shoot more, Eric!

And finally…

  • Thunder’s record when Daequan Cook and Cole Aldrich play ANY minutes: 4-3 and 3-4, respectively

Now I honestly went into this expecting a few things here and not expecting a few things there, but the biggest thing that stood out to me is minutes played. In fact, it kind of overwhelmed me. What’s most interesting is that when Thabo, Harden, Ibaka and Krstic all get more minutes, the Thunder’s record is drastically better. We’re talking SIGNIFICANTLY better. But the question is how do we get two post players AND two wing players more minutes.

You know, if only there was a player who is already a fairly hotly debated person, who is getting a ton of minutes in the post AND as a backup wing, and could therefore easily get his already overflowing minutes per game average reduced for the overall benefit of the team…