Thursday Bolts – 10.30.08

  • Thunderguru on last night’s game: “As for the actual contest that was played, the headline here could easily be titled: “Thunder starters stink, bench makes it fun”. The opening lineup was Petro, Collison, Green, Durant and Watson and they played like a D-league team. Coach thankfully put Wilcox in for Petro halfway through the first, and started double teaming Bogut in the post, but the tone was set and we were in the hole by 10 points after the first quarter. We shot 25% to their 45%, were out-rebounded and had 5 turnovers.”
  • Blue Blitz: “The key to revitalizing the starting lineup here might be benching Earl Watson. While he and Westbrook had the same amount of assists, Westbrooks driving actually helps the Thunder. Watson will sit at the top of the key, hardly creating any ball movement. Westbrook will drive the ball down to the post, and create opportunities for guys like Chris Wilcox, Desmond Mason, and Joe Smith. His method isn’t perfect, but every indication I’m getting now is full steam ahead for Westbrook.”

Highlights from last night’s game:

David Stern after last night’s game:

  • Jenni Carlson on Kevin Durant’s less than stellar game: “On a night that Oklahoma City will long count as glorious, Durant had a game that was anything but. He had an utterly forgettable first half, missing every shot he attempted, scoring no points, rolling up fouls and turnovers but not much else. His woeful start helped sink the Thunder into a halftime hole from which it never recovered.”