Tuesday Bolts

First off, LABallTalk.com is trying to figure out the best blog for each team and The Thunderworld is one of many Thunder blogs entered in the contest. If you feel deep within your bones, go vote for The TW. Or Blue Blitz. Or Thunderguru. Just one of us. Much thanks.

On to Tuesday’s media hits…

  • Speaking of LABallTalk, how about a preview from them: “GM Sam Presti is to be congratulated for shaping a positive future for the Thunder. Anyone who can turn Kurt Thomas into three first round picks is doing good work, to say the least. As for the present? OKC opens a day after Halloween, but there isn’t a costume on the planet scarier than the hardwood horrors the Thunder will give their new fans (who, given the excitement at having pro spots in town, likely won’t care). Oklahoma City is led by the young twosome of Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant at the two- he’ll be a better fit as a forward down the line- Georgetown product Jeff Green at small forward, and have a decent third piece in power forward Chris Wilcox.”
  • The Big Lead’s team preview: “Because Kevin Durant is a tremendous joy to watch, let’s start with the positives: We like Chris Wilcox’s power game, Nick Collison is becoming a garbage man power forward, we really like Russell Westbrook’s potential as a lead guard – perhaps becoming a Gilbert Areans-type player – and DJ White, when healthy, was a nice college player.”
  • Mike Baldwin on the open practice: “The Thunder’s annual session Monday night at the Ford Center was an opportunity for approximately 3,000 fans to see players in a non-game environment. ‘We wanted to see these guys on a more personal basis,” said Stephen Smith, who brought his two sons. “You get to see them interact with their coaches and find out more about their personalities.'”
  • Blue Blitz on the open practice: “So, tonight I got a small insight into how the Oklahoma City Thunder practices go. It was my opportunity to be Darnell Mayberry! I got there at about 6:15, and they were running drills. I got my pizza and Mountain Dew, and watched. There were several mini-hoops and face paint set up outside the Ford Center, and it was all free. Admission was free too, but since I got there late I had to stay behind the green railing. Eventually I was let down into the first row, but not onto the floor.”