Tuesday Bolts

  • Mike Baldwin on Joe Smith bringing much needed experience: “You talk to any guy in the league and Joe Smith is a guy everyone wants on their team,” said point guard Earl Watson. “He brings experience which you can’t replace. He brings toughness. He brings a dimension in the paint … “He’s a guy who can pick and pop (a shot) which is so vital in the NBA. He can guard anyone in the league. He’s tremendous. He’s so versatile it’s hard to put into words what he brings to your team.”
  • The good people over at OKCThunderFans.com weigh in on coach P.J. Carlesimo: User, The_Mont: “I think he’ll be a bridge to the next head coach, however I’m starting this season with a blank slate for the whole team. P.J. may be a better assistant coach, but he’s done, and said, all the right things so far during his short stay in Oklahoma City. In my opinion, the jury is still out. Byron Scott spoiled us (not only with putting a competitive team on the court, but he also always spoke of Oklahoma City glowingly) for two years, and that’s hard to compete with. I know several of us grew frustrated of his head games with the players, not to mention the infamous “Dog House,” but last season is an indication that with a healthy team, his methods produce winners.”
  • And good man Jeff Clark at CelticsBlog.com has circled the wagons and is heading up a comprehensive team preview for all teams. So far the Atlantic Division has been wrapped. Get to know your opponents.
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